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Billabong XXL Awards to include special event at Jaws

Shane Dorian Jaws 17/01/2005 : photo Sean Davey

Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards presented by Monster Energy


Surfersvillage Global Surf News, NEWPORT BEACH, CA -- (December 1, 2005) -- Organizers of the Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards presented by Monster Energy have announced new format revisions to make the sixth annual event even more exciting and performance-oriented.

Key to the new format will be a one-day "expression session" at Peahi (commonly known as Jaws), the legendary break on the North Shore of the Hawaiian island of Maui.  Invitations to participate in the Peahi session will be limited to 12 two-man teams selected for both their respected surfing performances at the break over time and their reputation for safety skills. 

The event will be filmed from many angles and the performances will be judged later by a large panel of surfing journalists and big wave veterans, with the results being announced at the XXL Awards ceremony in April.  Additionally, this will be the only day of the year that rides at Peahi will be eligible for entry into the annual Billabong XXL Biggest Wave Award category.

 Maui's Rodney Kilbourne (Handsome Bugga Productions) has acquired the necessary permits and will coordinate the Peahi session.  The session will take place later in the big wave season, allowing time for a number of good days to be enjoyed by longtime regulars without any specter of competition looming over the break.  The precise event window and the names of the 24 Peahi-invited surfers will be announced in the coming weeks.

As the session is simply being filmed for later judging it is not considered a spectator event and there will not be any enhanced public access to the private property surrounding the break., the official forecasters for the XXL, will forecast the specific day for the XXL Peahi Expression Session. The day of the expression session will not be announced to the public in advance, but photo and video analysis of the action will begin on the website immediately afterward.

 The growing popularity of Peahi & its continual depiction in all manner of media has lead to Billabong's unprecedented adjustment of the XXL format.  All other surf spots in the world remain eligible to produce XXL entries on any day among invited surfers.  As it has been since its inception, official entries into the Billabong XXL competition may still only come from qualified surfers invited in advance (names are listed on the Billabong XXL website). 

Past contenders for the XXL Award have come locations as diverse as France, Mavericks and Ghost Trees in Northern California, Mexico's Todos Santos and the notorious Cortes Bank in international waters 100 miles off Southern California.

“We understand and support the need to come up with a revised plan to take away some of the pressure placed on Jaws in recent years," said Billabong USA President Paul Naude.  "While we believe there are several extenuating circumstances that have attributed to the overcrowding, Billabong will ensure it does its part to alleviate some of this pressure.”

The Sixth Annual Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards runs through the end of March and acknowledges those surfers with extraordinary achievements over the prior 12 months. 

Categories for the 2005/2006 Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards include:

Billabong XXL Award (biggest wave of year)     Surfer Prize: $1000 per foot of face height (minimum $60,000)     Photo Award: $5000

Monster Paddle Award (biggest wave caught using arm power alone)     Surfer Prize: $10,000     Photo Award: $2000

Monster Tube Award (best big wave barrel ride)     Surfer Prize: $5000     Photo Award: $2000

Surfline Best Performance Award (Best overall by a male surfer)     Prize: $5000

Billabong Girls Best Performance Award (Best overall by a female surfer)     Prize $5000


The competition runs through March 31, 2006, with the awards ceremony scheduled for April 14, 2006 at The Grove Theater in Anaheim, California.  For rules, judging criteria and all event details and particulars, see is the official surf forecast of the Billabong XXL Awards. 
The event is presented by Monster Energy and is sponsored by Honda Watercraft and Surfing Magazine.

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