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Blog: Felicity Palmateer's trip to Roxy Pro France

Beach in Biarritz © Felicity Palmateer 


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Felicity travels, board & camera in hand through France

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 29 July, 2011 : - - Biarritz, France -- Biarritz is a beautiful little seaside town in the South of France, visited by tourists and surfers in the summer.  I was lucky enough to escape the cold weather of home and find myself a place in the Roxy WCT event here in Biarritz. When we arrived at the main contest site we were greeted with a gold sandy beach lined with hundreds of tourists all basking in the sun working on their tans. 

The ocean was as clean as a whistle and there were clean 4-6ft lines rolling into the line up.  Dad and I spent one and a half weeks in Biarritz and had the best time.  I could tell just by the magical afternoon that we were greeted with that we were going to have a great time.

The first picture is of a beautiful little beach right in the heart of Biarritz.  The main contest site was to the left about a five-minute walk away and the backup spot was a five-minute walk to the right.  It was great staying in Biarritz because we didn’t need to hire a car so we really got a chance to explore the place by foot and we found things that you would usually miss if you took a car. P.s. check out the bird in the top left hand corner I thought it was pretty cool.



This is me at the main contest site one morning after a free-surf waiting for the call.  The contest was great and they catered so well for the athletes.



These are from one of the little gems that Dad and I found while we were strolling the streets one morning.  They were at a local fresh food market and from 7.00am till 2.00pm.  One night Roxy hired the whole local market place to feast and celebrate the best of France, food that is, all you could eat, fruit, wine and cake while a Basque orchestra played.  It was insane we were treated like princesses!!



Can you believe that our contest was called of one day due to these Portuguese men of war?!! ( better known in Australia as the dreaded Blue Bottle). Sally and I were trying to get a photo so we could prove they were bigger than our hands and feet!!


We were lucky enough to be in France on their Bastille Day.  It was pretty awesome there were fireworks on the beach and Roxy held a party at the top of the casino for all the girls to get a good look at the spectacular fireworks.



The last couple of days I got to experience Paris for the first time.  I have been to France before but never had taken the time to go and see the famous Eiffel Tower or Arch de Triumph let alone the thousands of beautiful streets and ornate buildings built from the 13th Century.  Here is a shot of me at the very top of the Eiffel Tower.

Hope you are all getting some waves wherever you are in the world. ‘Au revoir’

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