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Blue Surf & Travel Magazine re-caps mega-storm Hercules

Photo Courtesy: Blue Surf & Travel Mag



Big Wave Updates

Jens Steffenhagen gives first-hand account of Hercules | German

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 10 January, 2014 -- Jens Steffenhagen describes the adrenaline of the Hercules Swell.

Large piles of sand formed and eventually waves washed over the promenade in Biarritz. The town was in a state of emergency as Belharra started to break. The international crews arrived, determined to paddle-in to the monster waves.

Shane Dorian, Jamie Mitchell, Grant Baker, and Benjamin Sanchis made history, just to name a few. Tow-in at Belharra appears rediculously easy compared to paddling in. With no cliffs or rocks to worry about, and a clear tow shaft, the tow-teams couldn't ask for more.

Jens Steffenhagen

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