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Board Blog: Matt Biolos on latest Mayhem shapes

... Mayhem boards for Mason Ho

Mayhem's Blog

Biolos blogs about the boards he makes for some of the world's best surfers

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 8 February, 2011 : - - Couple more for Mason: The one on the left is actually a vacuum bagged eps blank. Wes at EVF in San Diego did it for us. It's got Double 4oz glass top and bottom , with. The wrap layers being S Glass. Should be twice as strong as normal board, but it's seriously the lightest thing ever.

The resin is his own mixture, thus the yellow, but he normally just paints the things opaque to hide it. The bright one is a wide tail Scorcher ( Like the KA boards in the previous post) with a deck "springer" of carbon. Stopped the strip at 13" from tail ( in the middle of the front fins) to try to keep the tail from getting too rigid. These will go to Brazil with Mason next weekend.




WIDE TAIL SCORCHERS: Mutated SCORCHERS for Kolohe. These two have a bit extra in the tail for mushy winter Trestles/San Clemente. Kinda between a Sub Scorcher and a Scorcher. Starting to split hairs , but these outlines just tear through the mush and still allow pocket hooks.

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