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Board of the Week: Chemistry's sweet lil' Honey Dip




Board Design

Chemistry's Jason Bennet's high performance all-rounder, the Honey Dip

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 29 May, 2015 - Oceanside, California - Chemistry's Jason Bennet is a ripper. Full on. Probably one of the best shaper/surfers out there, all things considered. And his boards show a certain level of understanding only surfers of his caliper seem to possess. 

One of his most recent models, the Honey Dip, is a particularly refined, radical board, built to handle most any variety of California conditions, and a great travel board to throw in the mix. 

Bennet tested the Honey Dip, in various incarnations, for over a year, before settling on a relaxed entry rocker, a single concave that blends cleanly into a deep vee out the tail. The actual tail bloack is wide and vaguely rounded, slightgly more bulbous than traditional shortboards. But this added width keeps the tail's outline nice and straight. The result? Speed. Lot's of it. 

A pronounced hip just a bit in front of the fins creates a sort of sweet spot, a pivot point, adding some looseness and maneuverability without making any sacrifices in the speed department. 

The five fin cluster is shoved slightly back, due to the tail's width, as well as the hip's placement, keeping the board from feeling too slippery or, as Bennet says, "drifty."

The Honey Dip is available in a variety of constructions including Hydroflex, PU, fiberflex, and XTR


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