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Board of the Week : The Channel Islands Peregrine



Board of the week

Peregrine design explored intimately with Shred Show review

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 10 March, 2016 - The Shred Show dug into the unique channel-bottomed Peregrine model that just came out from Channel Islands. 

The Perregrine is designed for down the line surfing and benefits greatly from its channels which create lift and forward motion. The board is best suited for rail-to-rail surfing and it works best in glassy conditions (so, it really loves point breaks).

The channels extend all the way out to the tail and can provide more bite, (works like having additional fins on the board).

Chris points out that you can push this board as hard as you want on the tail during a carve and this design will not slide, so it’s well-suited for on-rail surfers (think Occy!) However, some surfers don’t like channels because it can be harder to change direction abruptly.

Grow began posting Shred Show episodes several years ago, reviewing surfboards built by some of the industry's most popular shapers—Matt Biolos, Al Merrick, Firewire, Daniel Thompson, etc.




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