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Board of the Week: SuperBrand's Siamese Palm Viper





Board Design

A high performance machine above the lip and on rail

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 10 April, 2015 - Jason Koons and Co. have been putting out some pretty radical, user-friendly equipment lately, not least of which being the Siamese Palm Viper. The SVP was designed with team rider Dion Agius around the time he was filming with Joe G. for Globe's Strange Rumblings, as well as for Kai Neville's Cluster, in which Dion was positively manic, magestic, borderline malevolent (Dion also nabbed the cover of The Surfer's Journal on the SVP).

The Siamese Palm Viper hopes to combine the best elements of boards that are "good for airs" and boards that are "good on rail"—a distinction we've of course all had to make (duh). A do-anything, daily driver shortboard, so to speak. SuperBrand's Adam Fletcher says "If you don't know whether to go for a fish, or a shortboard, this will sort of meet that board you're after."



Looking at the outline, the SVP is pretty curvy, with a widepoint pronounced vaguely by both a pulled in tail and nose. You can see Dion's fingerprints all over the rocker profile—mellow and smooth through the nose, with a nice bit of flip in the tail. Like most shortboards trying to cover a lot of ground, conditions-wise, it's got a fairly traditional bottom shape: deep single to double concave, with just a touch of V through the tail.

Wider than your average thruster, I'd grab one of these 2-4" shorter than your old shortboard but kep the same volume, which the SVP does a great job of concealing in just the fight places—under your chest, and just above the wide point, with full, but not chunky rails.

Here's what our friends over at the Shred Show had to say about the Siamese Palm Viper:


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