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Boardrider club culture focus of latest 'Made in Australia' edit



Surf Culture

Hard-knocks schooling part of the boardrider scene

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 3 September, 2015 - Noa Deane, the star of this latest edition of Made In Australia was born into Snapper Boardriders. His father, Wayne, a Gold Coast legend from the days of yore. Tom Carroll couldn’t go anywhere other than Newport Plus.

Never mind the crazed pirates from North Narrabeen, whose lineage traces from Simon Anderson to Chris Davidson to Nathan Hedge and continues with young foot soldiers like Davey Cathels marching the world stage today.

Unless your name is Occy, no Aussie is allowed to join more than one boardriders club. It’s a rule. Your team-mates are your brothers. You compete with them. Travel with them. Fight for and against them. Sneak your first beers with them, then steal into caravan parks and kiss girls alongside the guy you’ll take on in the first heat the next day.

You learn from the older generation, though it’s hard-knocks schooling, the likes of which you’ll never see in a classroom.It all makes for hard and fast surfing, and fascinating viewing.



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