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Boardroom's Best of Show offers wide range of work

A few of the 2013 Best of Show winners



Surfboard Design

Craftsmanship, design theory, art and new technologies on tap

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 24 March, 2014 - Del Mar - Surfboards of varying shapes, designs and construction techniques will compete for BEST OF SHOW honors at THE BOARDROOM Consumer Trade Show in Del Mar, Ca., May 17 &18, 2014. The Boardroom's BEST OF SHOW, presented by Surf Expo, is a fantastic opportunity for the public to see the surf industry's finest work. 

Each and every surfboard manufacturer / exhibitor will automatically be allowed one entry into the competition. A large area of the show floor will be set-aside for the crowd to view all of the Best of Show entries. A distinguished panel of experts will decide the five Best of Show category winners. There are five categories.
THE BOARDROOM BEST OF SHOW 2014 presented by Surf Expo Categories:

1) High Performance Shortboard (HPSB)
2) Longboard
3) Artistic
4) Alternative
5) Wood 

"Surfers and the general public who attend The Boardroom will be in awe of the many creative and inspiring surfboards entered in Best of Show," explained show director Scott Bass. "You will see imagination, expertise, craftsmanship, futuristic concepts and a passion for handmade perfection that sets the bar very high."
The five winning boards and their manufacturers will be featured in a SURFER Magazine full-page ad in SURFER's Annual Board Buyers Guide.
In addition to BEST OF SHOW, The Boardroom also features many exhibit and demos including the Icons of Foam Tribute to the Masters Shape-off presented by US Blanks honoring legendary Hawaiian shaper Ben Aipa.

WHO: Surfers from all over
WHAT: Latest & greatest surfboards & gear for Summer 2014
WHEN: May 17 & 18, 2014
WHERE: Del Mar Fairgrounds, Wyland Exhibit Hall
WHY: Because surfers really only care about two things: 1) waves and 2) the equipment to ride them.

Two days of surf culture including the world's FINEST contemporary surfboards, designs, technological innovations, fins, wetsuits, board bags, leashes, cameras, accessories, techy gadgets, board shorts and surf gear; plus live shaping & laminating, exhibits, demos, art, music and good times. 

Scott Bass

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