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From boards to boardies, Superbrand expands


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Superbrand launches line of surf trunks

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 31 May, 2013 : - -  Superbrand releases the first ever boardshort for the brand.  As a part of an exclusive flash collection that includes three styles all laced with influences from Superbrand’s trademark colorful, yet thoughtfully minimalistic aesthetic, they were designed so you can look cool among the hipsters and by the way…they work really good while surfing. 
The three styles include the following details to meet even the most discriminating taste:
The SUPERvapors Boardshort has a bright allover pattern that was inspired by the art seen on the 2013 Supervapors surfboard.  With a traditional 21”-fit and 100% fast-drying polyester, this boardshort is perfect for long days at the beach.
Next up is the SUPERtimeless Boardshort that is just that without being a ripoff of the classics, but made to double wave-count and double babe-count.  This snap-front 19” boardshort adds variety with unique contrast taping down the sides that form angular scallop-style leg openings, and a contrast drainage pocket eyelet.  The fabric has been washed and worn for an aged appeal – not like your dad, but aged like a refined smoky scotch and super soft and comfortable too.
Finally, the SUPERskim Boardshort has taken just the right influence from SUPERbrand’s usual bright fun aesthetic to yield a boardie with an air of sophistication, engineered with the function needed to surf pumping waves for hours on end. The SUPERskim is available in three colorways, each with a stylish swagger at home everywhere from Mexi beachbreaks to rooftop in NYC and poolside in Palm Springs.
Included in this flash collection will be two new t-shirt styles (SUPERtoy, SUPERflair) and a new tank top (SUPERsham).  All merchandise back to the boardshorts.

Source: Superbrand

Author: Kim Dresser

Tags: Boardshorts, Boardies, Superbrand

Industry: Surfersvillage


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