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Boardworks SUP & Surf crew head south of the border

Mike Tavares © Boardworks Surf



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Boardworks Mexico SUP and Surf Test Trip highlights

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 6 February, 2014 --The winter of 2013-14 in Southern California was turning out to be one for the record books for all the wrong reasons.

Record drought and crazy summer like temperatures were making national headlines but for all of us ocean loving people this seasons’ absence of winter surf was the one that mattered most.

So when we heard the reports of incoming sizable West North/West swell what could we do but go on a surftrip. After all we are a surf company and the Mexico border is less than an hour from our office. The promise of big, clean uncrowded waves was whispering in our ears so we decided that surfing would have to take precedent over sitting at our desks and we began to load up the vans.

We took all the essentials: 8 surfboards plus a NURF! board, 6 SUPs, 8 paddles, 3 cases of beer, 1 bottle of ibuprophen, 10 gallons of water, 4 Go Pros, 2 Canon 7Ds, a 600 ml lens and Phil’s quad copter for filming.

Boardworks owner Mike Fox flew in from Park City and joined team manager Mike Tavares, sales manager Ryan Guay, Dominic DiMaggio and local ripper Nelson Kingery. The media crew: Skye Rainey and Gretchen Gamble on still photography and Phil Rainey – all things video.

The trip was short but the waves did not disappoint and the lack of crowds was remarkable. Days later we returned to our desks at Boardworks HQ with thoughts of big, long peeling rights and punchy lefts swirling in our brains and suddenly realized that the winter of 2014 had just become memorable for the right reasons.




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