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Body Glove's Vapor X, Pr1me, Voodoo & Stellar suits

Body Glove

Vapor X
Zipper: Chest and Back
Size: XS, S, MS, M, MT, ML, LS, L, LT, XLS, XL, 2XL
Color: Black, Ink Blue, Ivy
Prices for each Thickness:
3/2: $409.99
4/3: $459.99
5/4/3 Hooded:$499.99

Ten Years of the warmest suit in the water has inspired Body Glove to build the most technologically advanced suit ever dreamt about. The Vapor X introduces a revolutionary advancement in seem sealing with the LIQUID WELD inside and MICROBEAD outside. Keeping the tradition of warmth, we’ve added a new THERMOPLUSH and the quick drying X-DRY throughout. Carrying on the tradition of WARMER, DRIER, LIGHTER, The Vapor X crams more technology into this suit than anyone thought possible.

Zipper: Chest
Size: XS, S, MS, M, MT, ML, LS, L, LT, XLS, XL, 2XL
Colors: Black Lime, Black, Black Red
Prices for each Thickness:
3/2:  $359.99 
4/3:  $379.99

In a world of wetsuits, most pony up a laundry of tech features in attempt to have bullet point’s equal performance. The PR1ME takes a different approach, sometimes less is more… The PR1ME is a beast that’s built with this in mind. It was designed to be the most flexible and comfortable suit ever. From the EZ ENTRY slant zip that makes getting into the PR1ME a breeze, to the pairing of EVOFLEX and MICROBEAD on the outside keeps water out, The PR1ME becomes an outer skin that is a force field of warmth and flexibility. PYROSTRETCH thermal fiber on the inside balances warmth and stretch to meet the goal of maximizing performance.


Zipper Chest
Size: XS, S, MS, M, MT, ML, LS, L, LT, XLS, XL, 2XL
Colors: Black, Black Ivy, Black Deep Gray, Black Graphite
Price for each Thickness:
3/2:  $279.99
4/3:  $299.99
4/3 Hooded:  $319.99

Rising from the depths is a creature of groundbreaking strengths. This fullsuit is an evolutionary marvel, only dreamt up by our mad scientist to offer extraordinary performance in a mid-level suit. By extrapolating the DNA of our Vapor X and cross-pollinating it with the exceptional Siroko, our lab has created a mystic beast that is the VOODOO. Full Magna Flex lined with hollow fiber Thermoplush insulation o the chest and back maintains warmth without restricting movement in the darkest of waters. Sealing out the water with Fluidseal on the seams creates a coldwater suit that can move with the ease of any suit out there.


Zipper: Back
Size: ¾, 5/6, 7/8, 7/8T, 9/10, 9/10T, 11/12
Colors: Black, Jet Black Chatreuse
Price for each Thickness:
3/2:  $199.99
4/3:  $229.99

Ascending into the stars, the Stellar offers performance technology in a suit that will get a girl noticed. Magna Flex is used throughout with Glued and Blind Stitched seams allow the Stellar to “Walk the Walk” and “Talk the Talk”..


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