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Bodyboarders amped for Nomad Shark Island Challenge


NOMAD Shark Island Challenge
In Association with Emerald Surf City

Shark Island, Cronulla, NSW
7 - 27 July 2009

The Heat Draw is set – Riders are amped to take on the Beast.

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 7 July, 2009 : - - The 2009 Nomad Shark Island Challenge is officially underway. Riders were on hand at a huge in store promotion for Emerald Surf City before getting down to business for the official contest and briefing night. As per normal SIC ethics, due to the “no knockout system” the names were drawn from a hat to ensure a fair and non-bias draw was achieved.

Riders were briefed on all rules and criteria for this unique event with the point being that there is only going to be one winner. As the riders passed around the cheque for $10,000 it was put to them plain and simple – the rider who successfully rides the best waves, executes the most powerful/most radical moves in the most critical part of the wave and who pulls into the biggest/deepest barrels, exiting in a clean fashion with style will be deemed the winner.

It all sounds too easy; the only on thing standing between the athletes and the cash is Shark Island. Ask any local or previous champion, Shark Island can be a hell of a bitch and it’s fair to say “The Beast always has the last laugh”. So, The Challenge has been set, the waiting game is on; who will be the 2009 Nomad Shark Island Challenge Champion?

At this stage all riders will be on call from Thursday July 9th onwards, pending a solid easterly swell predicted for the weekend. More news to follow – stay tuned.


Heat 1
Jose Marquina
Jason Finlay
Christian Riguccini
Glen Thurston
Shaun Peterson

Heat 2
Doug Showell
Alex Bunting
Nick Ormerod
Ewan Donnachie
Adam Luehman

Heat 3
Chris James
Brendan Ryan
Dave Ballard
Jared Houston
Mike Murphy

Heat 4
Alex Leon
Glen Sullivan
Ben Sawyer
Kira Llewellyn
Josh Pollard


As mentioned this years Prize Purse is one of the most exciting to date; cash / exotic trips and mind blowing adrenalin. Nomad Bodyboards and Emerald Surf City have led the way by injecting $10,000 AUD for the “winner takes all” format. Secret Sumatra, The Surf Travel Company and Red Bull have also jumped on board.

First Prize                              - $10,000 winner takes all

Best Barrel                            - 2 weeks stay at The Secret Sumatra – Surf Camp

Best Move                             - 2 week boat trip courtesy of The Surf Travel Company

Best Wipe Out                      - $500 – if you want it, it’s all yours

Longest tube time                - Buzzing over Sydney in the world renowned Red Bull Stunt Plane

So in 2009 the Shark Island Challenge returns – “The Beast Has Been Unleashed” – the original concept where a champion of champions is crowned. 20 riders have know been confirmed to tackle one of Mother Nature’s most feared waves.

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