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Break in rain makes memorable ESA Holiday Surfabout



72 year old Kitty Pechet : photo Joe McGovern

ESA Holiday Surfabout

Eastern Surfing Association
Narragansett Town Beach
25 November 2006

Break In Rainy Weather Makes Memorable Contest

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 27 November, 2006 : - -You can call it another example of the bizarre behavior of New England weather.  The Holiday Surfabout was the last scheduled ESA contest of the season.  After several weeks of rains and chilly, early winter conditions, the prediction was for sunny skies and warm air. 

“It was a pefect day to run a contest this late in the season,” said ESA Competition Director Mario Frade.  “The surf at the Narragansett Town Beach looked like it would be adequate enough to pull it off at 7:30 AM when we checked it.  Whoever thought the swell would actually pick up and become head high and glassy?”

For no good reason, the waves just got better and better as the heats progressed, providing competitors with plenty of quality, glassy peaks to work with.  Starting off with the always competitive Men’s Division, it was New England’s #1 rider, Ronaldo Lima of Nantasket, Massachusetts who set the early pace.  Lima was stoked at the conditions. 

“This is probably the best waves we have had all year for a contest,” he commented.  “You could really pump it down the line and get some speed.” It was fairly evident to the judges that he enjoyed the big glassy peaks.  Lima topped Saunderstown ace, Matt Baron for the Men’s title, and then took on Narragansett’s Josh Trotta,  to capture the coveted Open Division crown.  He then continued the charge with a win in the Men’s Longboard Final, with a borrowed 9 footer.


Renaldo Lima : photo Joe McGovern

Hot new Narragansett newcomer Josh Trotta came on strong in his first contest.  Trotta took out the Junior competition and finished a solid second in the Open Final, behind Lima.  Trotta ended the day with a 4th place finish in the Junior Longboard Final.  That final was won by local longboard ace, Curtis Grilli, with two outstanding nose rides.

It was well worth the ferry ride for Nantucket’s Caroline Powers, who found all the right waves and worked the sections over, to rack up big numbers in both the long and short versions of Open Women’s competition.  Despite the all ages combined group divisions, she still managed to win both the Women’s Longboard and Women’s Open Shortboard finals.

University of Rhode Island Surf Club president showed her skills on the big waves, as she finished a close second behind Powers in the shortboard,  and 3rd in the Women’s Longboard finale. It was a big day for Narragansett’s Courtney Sutherland.  The 10 year old paddled out in the rough surf, and won the Menehune title, taking off on some of the biggest waves of the contest.

Narragansett’s Peter Pan tucked into some long, hollow sections, working both sides of the contest area, as he topped the competition in both the Senior Open and Masters Longboard Division. Several contestants refused to believe that Boston’s wonder kid, Kitty Pechet was 72 years old.  She looked and surfed 20 years younger, capturing both the Senior Women’s Longboard and Grand Legends titles with ease.

Finally, it was Boston’s Jesse Rodriquez putting on a show of “el rollos” to edge out a determined Andrew Sestito for the Open Bodyboard title.  Final Results of the 2006 ESA Holiday Surfabout, held in glassy, 3-6 foot surf at the Narragansett Town Beach on November 25, 2006.


Rachel Powers : photo Joe McGovern


Junior Men
1.Josh Trotta 
2.Chris Belyea 
3.Curtis Grilli 
4.Zack Barmer 
5.Mike George  

1.Ronaldo Lima 
2.Matt Baron  

1.Ronaldo Lima 
2.Josh Trotta 
3.Mike George 
4.Chris Belyea 
5.Curtis Grilli 
6.Matt Baron 
7.Jen McGovern  

Women Open
1.Caroline Powers 
2.Ashley Baron 
3.Jen McGovern 
4.Courtney Sutherland 
5.Rachel Powers  

Senior Open
1.Peter Pan 
2.Scott Sutherland 
3.Kitty Pechet 
4.Mike Salvadore  

Mens Open Longboard
1.Curtis Grilli 
2.Ronaldo Lima 
3.Zack Barmer 
4.Josh Trotta  

Womens Open Longboard
1.Caroline Powers 
2.Rachel Powers 
3.Ashley Baron 
4.Jen McGovern 
5.Courtney Sutherland 
6.Kitty Pechet  

Masters Open Longboard
1.Peter Pan 
2.Scott Sutherland 
3.Mike Salvadore  

Open Bodyboard
1.Jesse Rodriquez 
2.Andrew Sestito 
3.Mike Salvadore 
4.Peter Pan

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