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C-Skins expand deeper into north Europe



Industry Updates

C-Skins Wetsuits appoint North-Europe Sales Manager

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 16 January, 2014 - C-Skins Wetsuits announce the appointment of Jordi de Koning of Peak Distribution as North-Europe sales manager.  

Peak Distribution has been representing C-Skins since 2011 in the Benelux and with the new appointment will also take care of C-Skins in Germany, Austria & Switzerland. Mark Brown, general manager of C-Skins Wetsuits is very pleased with the cooperation: “With a focus on customer care, product knowledge & a passion for surfing Peak Distribution is the perfect partner to represent C-Skins in North-Europe.”

Following the success of C-Skins Wetsuits in the UK & Australia and the ever growing market demand from mainland Europe, C-Skins is now growing further into mainland Europe with the countries: Germany, Austria & Switzerland.

C-Skins, the independent wetsuit brand, was proudly created with only surfers in mind with a mission to create the best surfing wetsuits on the planet. C-Skins has developed a strong presence in Europe and Australia by having a strong focus on innovation and a no-compromise attitude to quality, workmanship and value for money. The team behind C-Skins are all passionate world travelled surfers so they understand the specific requirements that surfers need.

 “Over the last couple of years C-Skins have invested heavily in well set up logistic and B2B systems which work great for all parties for the longterm. The addition of Germany, Austria & Switzerland to Peak Distribution’s current sales area of the Benelux therefore makes full sense” states Jordi de Koning of Peak Distribution. “C-Skins Wetsuits have been producing some of the world’s best wetsuits for years and because C-Skins Wetsuits are developed in North-European cold water conditions they are the perfect match for North-European cold water surfing.”

C-SKINS will be taking delivery of Summer 2014 pre-ordered product to North European retailers from March 2014. Summer 2014 product will also be available upon request.

Tom Brown

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