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California Surf Museum celebrates history of the big-wave gun



Surf Culture

Riding Giants Around the World, A 21-Gun Salute to Big Wave Surfing 

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 9 February, 2016 - This exhibit is a celebration of big wave spots, the surfers who challenge them, and the surfboard "guns" they have used. 

A special exhibit about legendary Greg Noll, including surfboards, photos, video and even a pair of his famous striped board shorts, is also on view. Many celebrated big wave riders are coming to view the show and share their experiences with the museum, both local and global.

Going Big is a "21-gun salute" to the most storied surfboards of big-wave riding, including ones ridden by George Downing, Sarah Gerhardt, Pat Curren, Mike Parsons, Greg Long, Buzzy Kerbox, Taylor Knox, Fred Hemmings, Bred Gerlach, Buzzy Trent, Gary Linden, Gerry Lopez, Buzzy Kerbox, Brock Little, Randy Rarick and Eddie Aikau.

Big waves have captivated the human imagination since the beginning of time. Wave rider’s fascination with big surf has been sparked from the very start of the modern era. The history of riding giant waves is an enthralling set of tales rich with tradition, and packed with danger, challenge and glory.

There are only a dozen or so spots on the entire globe that hold waves that can truly be described as giant. Interestingly, they can be found on five continents and Oceania, a far‐flung and awe‐inspiring set of locales. No matter whether one surfs or simply watches the sea, the thrill of seeing “men who ride mountains” (as it has often been described) has become a defining part of surfing, setting a bar for all those who participate in the sport.

The group of surfers who actually ride really big waves are similarly unique and impressive: a small band of rugged individualists who are in every way extraordinary. This big wave tribe is a tiny number indeed — of the several million people who surf, no more than 300 have ever ridden waves over 30 feet in size, and only a handful have done so in the 50‐oot plus range — a realm reserved for an elite crew of adventurers whose daring, dedication and skill level sets them apart from almost any other athletes.

It is to this courageous cadre that our exhibition is dedicated. Included is a timeline of the great events in big wave history, a series of special images, artifacts, and perhaps the finest and most illustrious compilation of big wave surfboards ever assembled in one museum — pieces from the most prestigious collections in the surfing world. It is a 21‐gun salute.

Grand Opening Event: Saturday, February 13 from 4 to 7 pm. 312 Pier View Way, Oceanside. Free admission. Refreshments will be served. 


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