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Calls for shark culling after NSW surfer attacked & killed


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Fishing expert calls for shark control program after teen attacked, killed

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 8 April, 2008 : - - A Leading fishing expert believes northern NSW needs to introduce a shark control program similar to the Gold Coast to reduce the number of the deadly predators in the area's waters.

Gold Coast Bulletin and Channel 9 fishing expert Paul Burt last night said without a shark control program, 'the sharks were free to come and go as they like.' "Our guy catches quiet a few sharks when they are running which is eradicating the problem, which is why we don't get as many attacks," he said.

The call for northern NSW to introduce a shark control program, like the Coast's nets and drum lines, comes after 16-year-old Peter Edmonds was fatally attacked by what experts believe was a bull shark while body boarding at Lighthouse Beach at Ballina yesterday. Lighthouse Beach is next to the mouth of the Ballina River, which Mr Burt said was ripe for sharks due to recent flooding and a fishing ban in the area.

However, Mr Burt said things had been much quieter on the Coast. "Hardly any bull sharks have been caught on the Coast over the past few weeks, nowhere near as many as a couple of months ago when it was quite warm." Mr Burt warned Coasters not to be complacent.

"The sharks never go away but as we get into the cooler months they do drop off in numbers, and they tend to disperse themselves and move around," he said. "This tragic attack is a reminder no matter what the conditions are, there are going to be sharks in our waters."

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