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Capital of Riversurfing hosts the Munich Surf Open 2005


Munich Surf Open 2005

Blue Games Riversurfing  Tour
“Floßlände” in Munich
25 June 2005

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Gerry Schlegl wins the Blue Games Tour with his 4th place at the final in Munich.

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 30 June, 2005 : - - Munich, capital of riversurfing. International thinking about Germany and Munich is that surfing is impossible here and the waves are much too far away. But that is not a true story. Years ago, a small group of surfers started the search for the perfect wave in Munich and finally found two fantastic spots: Eisbach and Floßlände, two natural and standing riverwaves. Well known and internationally recognized surfers like Quirin Rohleder and Tim Pelz started their careers in Munich. Riversufing attracts and addicts more and more people and hundreds of surfers are currently in the riversurf-community of Munich. Techniques and manovers were adapted from surfing in the sea and tricks like aerials, 360s and floaters are common on the riverwave.

Each year’s climax of the riversurfing season is the Munich Surf Open, which took place on Saturday for the 5th time at the “Floßlände” in Munich. An impressing crowd of spectators lined the wave and created the right atmosphere to pump up the riders at the Munich Surf Open.

After the qualifier runs on Saturday morning, the riders performed a rock show and it was quite obvious that there was going to be a big exciting battle in the afternoon finals.

Strong competition was expected at the men´s contest. Famous names in riversurfing like Mick Höllerer, Gerry Schlegl und Robert Beetz, lined up to perform a big show on the wave. There was never such a high level of competition at the Munich Surf Open. After showing a combination of cutbacks, frontside und backside 360s and radical floaters Mick Höllerer forced Robert Beetz and Basti Janicek to ranks two and three.
With his 4th place Gerry Schlegl secured his triumph of the Blue Games Tour. With his overall victory, Gerry won 800 Euros, sponsored by Braun, Mick Höllerer and Marcio Franco with their second and third places won cheques for 600 and 500 Euros, again sponsored by Braun.
At the females contest, a very equal contest was also expected. Manu Wagner got the best wave and showed the most radical tricks to become winner of the Munich Surf Open 2005. Isabelle Biehl and Heidi Lammerer came second and third.



There was no big difference between the male and the youth contest, radical tricks, 360s and cutbacks were quite impressive and everyone could see the potential in the young surfers. Felix Müller rocked the show with a breathtaking floater and radical cutbacks and became one of the youngest winners of the Munich Surf Open youth competition. What will we see from him on international constests in the near future?

Everyone was awaiting the team contest. The ten participating teams competed in three-minute runs against each other and showed all of their skills. The team Alex Korres, Mick Höllerer und Felix Müller from Munich impressed the judges with style, high class surfing, fantastic tricks and perfect synchronization. Congratulations, they qualified for the Blue Games in Biarritz, France.
Those who already qualify are Peter Bartl, Martin Zarfl und Werner Ehrer the best Austrian Surfers of the men´s competition in Silz, Austria. Also qualified is the swiss-brasilian Team Roland Hauser, Daniel Paez und Marcio Franca with their victory of the contest in Bremgarten (Switzerland).

In the coming years will it be possible to better the Munich Surf Open 2005 for tension and quality? Out of a small group of surfers a high class contest was created, with a level of surfing comparable to one of the big international surf contests.

Big thanks to the organizations and the sponsors Grosstadtsurfer, Braun, Fosters und Salomon S-Core for their help to realise this fantastic contest. In the future, it would be fantastic to get better support by the city of Munich

Final results Male Blue Games 05
rank name
1 Gerry Schlegel
2 Mick Höllerer
3 Marcio Franca

Final results Male Munich
rank name
1 Mick Höllerer
2 Robert Beetz
3 Basti Janicek
4 Gerry Schlegel
5 Tobi Kringel
6 Alex Korres
7 Nico Meisner
8 Sasha Tomicek

Final results Female Munich
rank name
1 Manu Wagner
2 Isabelle Biehl
3 Hedi Lammerer

Final results Youth Munich
rank name
1 Felix Müller
2 Simon Strangfeld
3 Ferdinand Fleißner
4 Laura Sonntag

Final results Team Munich
rank name
1  Alex Korres, Mick Höllerer, Felix Müller
2 Tobi Kringel, Gerry Schlegel, Robert Beetz
3 Miriam Klein, Basti Janicek, Wolfgang Janicek
Press Information by: zooom productions, Thomas Mlinek, Felderstrasse 12, 5330 Fuschl am See, Austria,, +43(0)6226 8848 25

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