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Captain Liz Clark and Kim Diggs join Freewaters

Kim Diggs © Freewaters/Kanoa Zimmerman



Team Updates

Surf Explorers Liz Clark and Kim Diggs Join Freewaters Ambassador Team

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 2 June, 2014 - Freewaters footwear welcomes two new amazing soul sliders to the team, surfer/sailor Captain Liz Clark and surfer Kim Diggs. Like Freewaters, these two women share an unshakable connection to the water and a passion for social and environmental issues. 

Liz Clark, a San Diego native, is an ocean explorer, avid environmentalist and professional free surfer. She left the California coastline in 2006 on her 40-foot sailboat named Swell to seek remote waves, different cultures and new ideas about living in harmony with our planet.

By 2011 she had logged more than 18,000 nautical miles in the Pacific, solo. Her latest adventures include navigating south to Central America and west to the Pacific Islands. During her epic sailing adventures, documented on, Liz makes sure to anchor at some of the most remote surf breaks in the world. Follow Liz’s adventures on Instagram: @captainlizclark.

Kim Diggs’ father began paddling her out on his surfboard before she was old enough to walk. Today, Kim spends her days traveling, surfing and modeling between the coastlines of Ventura, California, her home breaks in North Carolina, Central America and the North Shore of Oahu. Diggs’ big heart isn’t only open to the ocean, she’s also an ambassador for a non-profit organization that helps those diagnosed with cancer called, The Young and the Brave. Follow Kim on Instagram: @KimDiggs.

“Liz and Kim embody the Freewaters ethos: the healing power of water, the traveling lifestyle, spreading good vibes and acting as global citizens,” says Freewaters Co-Founder Eli Marmar.     

About Freewaters
Freewaters products and ethos are dedicated to those that seek the freedom of the open road, act as global citizens and dare to chart their own path in life. Each pair helps support clean drinking water projects and comes with a stress-free limited lifetime warranty. Visit  to view the complete product line.

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