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Carbon tail patches for your front foot? It's happening



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That carbon tailpatch is no longer made of carbon and has just creeped up to the front foot area of your board

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 23 March, 2017 - Portugal’s master shaper Nuno Matta has a history of innovative design concepts. Not one to shy away from new technologies or builds, Matta has just taken the popular carbon tail-patch concept and extended it to cover the front foot area. Say hello to the new nylon front foot patch"

“The Full Mesh Patch can be used to strengthen the rail, tail and front foot area on a surfboard,” says Nuno. “These areas are the most affected by foot pressure and impact.”

The company is using its new Mesh Patch fabric which is a reinforcement tape for surfboards. Matta Surfboards says it creates a considerable structural addition to the rails and stringer areas of surfboards. 

“It’s made with a blend of nylon, and unlike other reinforcement strips, it has no carbon fibre,” says Nuno. “It is flexible and allows the board’s natural flex patterns to remain.”

The full mesh patch comes in Black, Blue, Green, Orange and Yellow.


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