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Carlos Burle tows Saquarema - the Brazilian Teahupoo


Carlos Burle : photo Rick Werneck / O Globo


Carlos Burle and Eraldo Gueiros - Slab of Saquarema, the Brazilian Teahupoo

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 22 April, 2009 : - - All the forecast maps indicated a huge swell approaching the Brazilian coast. The big wave riders, Carlos Burle and Eraldo Gueiros, that had just got back from Hawaii, prepared all their equipment and analyzed what would be the best place to surf in state they live, Rio de Janeiro. Everything was covered.

The swell was right and the wind too, the jet was set, and the team was ready: Eraldo Gueiros, Carlos Burle, Rick Werneck (photographer), Ylan Blank (surfer support jet) and Roger Ferreira ( journalist). They headed up to Saquarema, which is one of the most consistent surf cities in Brazil.


Eraldo Gueiros : photo Rick Werneck / O Globo


They surfed at the same spot four days in a row, because they never towed there before. It was the most difficult conditions the riders have ever surfed in Brazil. The sets, that got to 15 feet, closed up the horizon and marched up until they found the sharp rocks were they break, forming hollow tubes, looking like a Brazilian Teahupoo.

They surfed the spot for over 5 hours on the best day of the trip. "Certainly it is one of the best waves in Brazil. For many years we wanted to surf waves like this in Brazil. It is a perfect wave, but also may be mortal", said Burle.

Eraldo couldn't let his emotions away while he talked about this wave. "I was really stoked. I have never surfed such a good wave just nearby my house. It looks like some of the best big waves in the world. I have no words to express what I'm feeling this moment".

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