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Caroline Angibaud takes the silver medal at ISA World SUPs

Caroline Angibaud © ISA



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Angibaud & Raioha make the finals | French

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 7 May, 2014 - Winning the silver medal at the ISA World SUP Championships, Carolina Angibaud represents a real achievement for the level of French competitors. After standing at the foot of the podium last year, this time Angibaud makes it to the upper level.

Angibaurd had the luxury of beating the world champion Brazilian and current leader Nicole Pacelli, and also Spaniyard Ibally Ruano who made it to the finals in Abu Dhabi two weeks ago. The only competitor to outst Carolina Angibaud was the American Emmy Merrill.

With out a doubt, the French team member who ranks seventh on the world tour, took her silver medal with pride. In the final, she exchanged second place constantly with Shakira Westdorp before getting the score.

In the men's division, Tahitian Poneaiki Raioha made it to the final, taking his radical maneuvers to the buzzer and claiming gold.

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