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Chris Malloy all about raincoast conservation

Chris Malloy © Woodshed Films

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Groundswell movie follows Chris Malloy and crew through British Columbia

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 15 February, 2013 : - - With support from Patagonia, the Raincoast Conservation Foundation has teamed up with acclaimed film director Chris Malloy, Woodshed Films and Farm League to highlight what’s at stake in the Great Bear Rainforest in the face of the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway project.

Their documentary short film, Groundswell, charts an extraordinary surf trip along British Columbia’s unspoiled west coast, with surfers acting as ambassadors for marine life without a voice. The film sees these high profile surfers and First Nations on the BC coast speaking on behalf of humpback whales, seabirds, and salmon threatened with the spectre of a catastrophic oil spill. The crew paddle up riverschoked with salmon and crawling with grizzly bears, sharing surf line-ups with the toughest ‘locals’ imaginable: killer whales.

In late fall of 2012, Groundswell opened with premieres in Tofino, Victoria and Vancouver, before an extensive tour with Patagonia through major US cities down the west coast. Now Groundswell is available for download, either to own or to rent, from the SURF Network, the premiere site for accessing surfing related films, videos and documentaries.

The proceeds of downloading Groundswell from the SURF Network are being generously donated by Woodshed Films to Raincoast to help fund the organization’s continuing efforts to stop the Enbridge Northern Gateway tar sands oil pipeline and supertanker project.

The Georgia Straight recently described Groundswell as “a great little doc (just under a half‐hour) with some outstanding wildlife and landscape photography and one of the more unusual hooks for a film with a message: wandering the Great Bear Rainforest’s coastal crevices in a 21‐metre sailboat, looking for pristine swells. With the prospect of supertanker traffic in those waters if the proposed Enbridge tar‐sands bitumen pipeline to Kitimat gets pushed through, there is a sense of urgency, and poignancy, to the images on the screen.”

"Few people have been blessed to witness the Great Bear Rainforest in person the way I have. The trip changed the way I see North America. Groundswell is a film that documents the majesty of the Great Bear Rainforest's coastal regions, and more importantly it tells the story of a place that is in clear and present danger of being lost," said surfer and filmmaker Chris Malloy.

Source: Raincoast Conservation Foundation

Author: Chris Genovali

Tags: British Columbia, Raincoast, Chris Malloy

Film: Surfersvillage


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