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Chuck Patterson new ambassador with Ocean Minded



Chuck Patterson : photo Ocean Minded

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All-Around Waterman, Chuck Patterson, Joins Ocean Minded Inc. as Brand Ambassador

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 10 June, 2009 : - - San Clemente -- Ocean Minded™ is proud to announce the addition of world-renowned waterman, Chuck Patterson, to its team of versatile Brand Ambassadors. Patterson, from Dana Point, CA has established a global reputation for continually pushing his physical and mental limitations, which has brought him to excel in numerous water-based disciplines, including traditional surfing, stand up paddling (SUP), kite surfing, and tow-in surfing.

“I look forward to building a strong relationship with Ocean Minded, and I am very happy to be working with a company that lives up to their brand values”, said Patterson, via email from Tahiti. “We have some great ideas for upcoming summertime events, and I look forward to seeing them come to fruition”.

Patterson’s passion for life pushes him to go further and harder in everything, and he is always searching for extreme adventure and competition. On May 30th, 2009, Patterson utilized his non-stop training regiment to win the 8 mile 14ft SUP race in 1 hour and 29 minutes at the 2009 Hobie/ Hennessey Waterman Challenge.

“We are thrilled to have Chuck traveling around the world as an Ocean Minded Brand Ambassador”, stated the company’s Marketing Director, Bob Tanner.  “He embodies the ocean/beach lifestyle, symbolizes the four pillars of our brand – Quality, Authenticity, Responsibility, Community – and is an extremely well-respected, all-around waterman”.

About Ocean Minded, Inc. That simple idea is the foundation of our company.  Being ‘ocean minded’ and living an ‘ocean lifestyle’ begins with the inspiration and allure that the world’s oceans and beaches offer each one of us.  The Ocean Minded™ brand enables an individual to identify, visualize, and embrace their personal beach and water-oriented passions in the course of their daily adventure.  Whether you’re devoted to surfing in Hawaii, kayaking on the Sea of Cortez, snorkeling over the Great Barrier Reef, or warming up around a campfire in Big Sur, Ocean Minded™ welcomes you with open arms.

Live. Protect. Respect. ™ We can no longer deny that our planet is rapidly becoming a crowded and polluted place. Our chosen lifestyle, and the passion for the ocean we all share, cannot be taken for granted.  Ocean Minded™ believes we should utilize recycled and sustainable materials in our footwear, apparel, and accessories whenever possible, and we consistently strive to achieve this.  Additionally, we feel that as both a corporation, and a group of individuals, it is essential to Live, Protect, and Respect our environment. 

Since 1996, we have been organizing community beach clean-ups around the world, and educating our customers on the importance of leaving their chosen playgrounds in better condition than when they were found.  Our belief that everything eventually ends up in the ocean has led us to host additional clean-ups in the mountains, as well as on the banks of inland rivers and lakes.

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