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Cinnamon Dhonveli wins South Asian Travel Awards




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2017 South Asian Travel Awards recognize resort founded by Tony Hussein

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 22 November, 2017 - The Atoll Adventures surf tours started at Pasta Point in 1992 when the island’s resort was the modest 24 room Tari Village. The late Tony Hussein Hinde selected this little resort island to establish the Maldives first land based surf tour with close access to Pasta Point, Sultans, Honky’s and Jailbreaks.

Tony founded the Atoll Adventures surf tours on the principles of providing the best service and sustainably managing the surfer numbers on island to ensure the best chance of his guests having the best surf trips of their lives.

The resort has transformed into the 4-star Cinnamon Dhonveli and the operations are now managed by Ashley Hussain Hinde and Operations Manager Dara Ahmed; a 22 year veteran with Atoll Adventures; providing a level of service for their surfing clients that is the benchmark in the Maldives.   

The standard of the Atoll Adventures service; Cinnamon Dhonveli (and its food!) and Pasta Point as the premier break of the region has again been recognised winning the category South Asia’s Leading Surf Resort for the second year at the 2017 South Asian Travel Awards.  

As posted on Instagram by one of their regular guests “You guys deserve it, for decades you have always provided the best service and are always trying to improve.....well done”

Congratulations to all involved with special mentions to senior surf guides Mikey & Ryan; head boatman Ahmed Umar and his great crew of dhoni guys; and the staff at Cinnamon Dhonveli especially in the restaurant.

So what does it take to be so highly regarded in the resort surf tour business?

Start with the natural asset of a dreamy peeling Pasta Point lefthander which is picture postcard perfect but without a 4’ thick lip; add a 4 star resort with an awesome buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner then have a surf tour operator attentively cater for every level of surfer’s need to score the best waves of the day.

Then ensure the sustainability and quality of the tour by limiting surfer numbers to a level appropriate for the location. Pasta Point and the nearby Sultans, Honky’s and Jails work on all tides so a limit of 30 surfers means Pasta Point is never crowded and the three boats can readily get guests around the other breaks as conditions dictate.

Have the boats start early; like 5.30am and have them available all day; boats and guides all connected with walkie-talkies to communicate with each other and the island for the latest information on surf conditions; surfer numbers at the different breaks and as a safety precaution.

Have an Operations Manager like Dara who has years of experience and is also one of the best “people persons” in the business; quietly ensuring that all surfing guests appreciate the etiquette and principles of the Atoll Adventures surfing ethic.  Dara has worked with Atoll Adventures since 1995 and been the Operations Manager since 2006. He has a Level 2 ISA Coaching accreditation and is the ISA representative in the Maldives conducting ISA training for young Maldivian surfers wanting to work in the surf tourism industry.

Employ qualified and experienced Maldivian Surf Guides rather than foreign expat surfers. Apart from being very good surfers and really nice guys, they have the best knowledge of the Maldives surf conditions and importantly are able to communicate in Dhivehi with boat captains & crew to coordinate boat movements for the guests but especially for any emergency situations.

After 26 years the Atoll Adventures surf tour at Pasta Point is internationally renowned and respected as one of the world’s best island surf operations and again been recognised at the South Asia Travel Awards.


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