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Claims come in that Gold Coast sand banks best in years



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The Sickest 2 Foot Wave In The World?

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 28 July, 2015 - Word has been filtering in from the Gold Coast that the sand on the points has been mental. Bede Durbidge posted a frothy pic the other day saying: “The sand is so perfect right now on the points. I can't wait to see how good it gets with some swell."

A wee bit of swell did show up, but Snapper Rocks is still just as chaotic at two feet as it is six feet. Phil Wallis captured a clip of the mayhem.

“They are claiming they have the best sand on the points ever,” says Wallis. “It’s a good sign when tiny waves can still capture the imagination when there is so much focus on big wave surfing.”



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