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Clark Foam launches website - clean and efficient

Clark Foam Blanks ... prepared and ready to ship

Clark Foam have lauched their new website in association with their European offices in the UK and France.

Seabase Ltd located in the UK and France are the European arm for Clark Foam and supply European shapers blanks for all types of boards.

The website is clear and precise with detailed information available on "An introduction to Clark Foam", "Clark Foam Blanks", "Design Choices", "Shaping Equipment", "Stringers" and "Blank Replacement".

The "Spec.section" provides a very clear and detailed menu of blanks available, laid out in a simple to use format. Even the most "resin high" glasser or shaper could easily operate the selection menus without difficulty.

Ordering facilities are linked to the website which is in the final stage of construction, and should be up and running online any day now.

This website is a great example of how simplicity and functionality can serve the surfer and industry
in an efficent and pleasing manner. At no time is the visitor left wondering where to click next.

Ckeck out the website here and contact the folks at Seabase for any further info.


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