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Coastal Code & Surfing Magazine offer Alaska expedition


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Coastal Code, Surfing Magazine offer expedition to Alaska

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 30 April, 2008 : - - Juneau -- Coastal CODE (Clean Oceans Depend on Everyone), an initiative by the Alaskan Brewing Company dedicated to keeping a healthy Pacific Coastline, has teamed up with Surfing Magazine to offer four readers a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Yakutat, Alaska.

The chosen “CODE Keepers” will embark on a seven-day surfing and coastal conservation adventure with professional surfers Joe Curren and Chris Del Moro, surfing pristine Alaskan breaks while helping Coastal CODE’s ocean clean-up efforts.

“We are very excited to offer this truly unique experience in which surfing and sustainability intertwine,” said Marcy Larson, co-founder of Alaskan Brewing Company. “The ocean is such a vital resource for us all, and we look forward to having environmentally passionate individuals help us keep it healthy.”

In addition, the chosen four will participate in a multimedia educational outreach program to help spread the message of ocean conservation. They will also experience true Alaskan adventures, including glacier hiking, wildlife viewing and activities with the Brew Crew of Alaskan Brewing in Juneau, Alaska.

While surfing, the participants will be in Yakutat, Alaska, home to the state’s most famous surf break. Despite its pristine beauty, each year debris in the Pacific Ocean washes ashore on the Alaskan coastline, which is over five times the combined length of the Washington, Oregon and California coasts.

 “I’ve surfed over 30 countries in six continents, but never in Alaska,” said professional surfer Joe Curren. “This will be an amazing opportunity to ride in of the last frontiers of surfing while doing some good for our oceans.”

Adds Chris Del Moro, “As surfers, I believe it is our utmost responsibility to take care of the ocean and surrounding land that provides us with infinite amounts of fun.”

To be considered for this opportunity, participants must show how they are currently helping keep oceans clean through a 300-word essay and photo. For more information and to enter online, visit Submissions are due on July 1. The Yakutat Surfing Expedition will take place from September 28 through October 4.

About Coastal CODE
Coastal CODE is a registered non-profit founded by Alaskan Brewing Company in 2007. Alaskan Brewing is the largest brewery in Alaska and one of the most award-winning craft brews in the United States. To help support Coastal CODE, Alaskan Brewing donates one percent of each sale from their Alaskan IPA to the Coastal CODE initiative, which provides grants to conservation groups interested in keeping our oceans clean.

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