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Computer analysis of Jamie O's Wedge board transfer



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Red Bull's Body Of Work breaks down the mechanics of crazy

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 19 May, 2015 - You think you know how Jamie O’Brien surfs? You’d say that he’s powerful, unpredictable, and flat-out (hyperbolic adjective of your choice) in the barrel. That’s how he surfs, right?

Kind of. Those certainly are characteristics of Jamie’s surfing. But in Red Bull’s Body Of Work, we actually learn HOW he surfs. As in, what makes his (choose another buzzy adjective) surfing physically possible.

Take his 2014 board transfer at Wedge – a mutant of a wave you’ve surely heard of. Like most new things, the feat seemed relatively impossible until someone goes out there and does it. In this case, it was Jamie. Now here’s the science behind what happened. We’re thinking you probably shouldn’t try this at home.

Brian Roddy

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