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Corey Ziems blogs about Europe and his no show heat

Lacanau : photo Corey Ziems


WQS surfer Corey Ziems blogs about Europe and his no show heat

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 12 September, 2010 : - - Well since my last blog it's been pretty uneventful. In the beautiful Azores unfortunately the waves never came, in fact it got smaller and the competition was forced to be called off.Everyone still in the event got 4th place in the round of 96 and same place for the dollars.

It was a bummer because we spend all this money to get to these places and then it seems kinda pointless in the end when you don’t even really get given a chance to surf, but what can you do when the waves are flat? The place there is so nice though, we went and checked out some of the scenery while we were waiting around . I'll attach some photos.

Anyway we left the Azores and headed to France, beautiful France. I forgot how much I loved this place till I got here again. The waters warm, the suns out and the atmosphere is so cool. There’s girls all over the beach and some of the funnest beach breaks in the world. Again for this comp the waves were small but very contestable. I had a complete shocker though. Somehow I looked at a heat draw and got in my head that I was heat 15. I WASN’T.. I was heat 12 and got to the beach about 5 minutes late for my heat, but they had already put in an alternate.

For people who don’t compete and might be reading this, that is pretty much my biggest nightmare I could think of. In actual fact I find my self dreaming about that a fair bit before events, I think because I just think it would be the most horrible thing ever. You know the school dream people have about going to school but you forgot your pants.. Well i'ts like that times a million.  And now it has actually happened to me, I can safely say one of the worst feelings I have ever experienced. But I can say that it will never happen again, from now on I'm going to the beach and not leaving until I've had my heat.

But the positive I took from this is I had a lot of spare time now and I made sure I was surfing for most of it. The Foilz are yet to disappoint in all the waves I've tried them. Fun French beaches are another perfect playground for them. Actually, got a fair few people interested about what they are and how they go!

From France we left and headed down to Spain, Pantin. Its an 8 to 10 hour drive between four of us its not to bad, we just take turns driving. When we arrived in Pantin we had no accom, so we went to the local pub to see if anyone knew where we could go. Turns out the little old guy across the road has a house he can rent out for quite cheap, the house has about ten rooms. It looks like it was built in the 1800s but still a nice change from the 1 bedroom boxes we’ve been staying in. We called up another friend and his wife, Glenn hall and Jemmy and they took one of the other rooms we had here.

The waves are fun here -  its about 2 foot but kinda fat. I had my first heat and felt pretty good winning that one. My next heat was not so good. Within the first 2 minutes I had an interference with some Brazilian guy in my heat. In hindsight I shouldn’t have bothered going but when the heats are as stacked as they are these days a single wave can mean the difference between getting though or not so I went for it. We crashed into each other and we got a double interference. So that kinda threw my whole heat off.

I have one more event in Zarautz.  Im really hoping to get a good result there and make this whole trip worth its while. I'll keep you posted as to how I go.

Right now I'm going to relax with a few holes of golf........

Yeeew Corey

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