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Corky asks: 'Should surfing become an Olympic sport?'

Why isn't surfing in the Olympics when sports like curling are?  

Corky Carroll

Well, according to Corky..... NO!

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 8 August, 2012 : - - It seems that every time the Olympics come around, the same old "Should surfing become an Olympic sport?" question pops up. Should it? I don't know. When I was young and an up-and-coming competitor in surfing events, I would have said unquestionably "yes" to that question. But as I have gotten older, my viewpoint has swayed to the other side more than a little bit. The main reason is that surfing just may be way too cool of a thing to be subjected to being bunched in with ballroom dancing and some of the other Olympic "sports."

For a good example, let me remind everybody about the last Winter Games when we were subjected to unending hours of the great and thrilling sport of women's curling. I pretty much swore off ever turning on the television for the Winter Games again after that. I wanted to catch some screaming bobsleds and downhill racing, and if I had to catch a bit of ice skating along the way, so be it. I can flow along with that.

But really, curling? And why, why, oh why, oh why, did they have to have it on nonstop? And now we have the Summer Games, and I can't seem to catch a U.S. men's basketball game without already knowing who won first.

I did get a bit of enjoyment out of watching this massive Russian chick putting the shot the other day, though. After she let the thing fly, she screamed as loud as she could in a shriek that was something between a banshee and a water buffalo death yell. I ran it back about three times just to hear it again and again. That made me laugh, and laughing is entertainment. Curling, NOT.

The Olympics could be a great venue for the stand-up paddleboard people, though. Would fit right in. In fact, just thinking about it, this would be a good time to get a jump on designing some super-skin-tight flaming racing outfits, kind of like all of those weekend bicycle dudes wear when they are cruising down Pacific Coast Highway looking like the umbrellas outside the Italian restaurant.

I am not saying that being in the Olympics is not cool. It is. Especially if you are a swimmer or a runner or on the latest "dream team." But I think of surfing in a different time zone. Yes, competitive surfing could be an Olympic sport if held in a country with surf, or if they had really good indoor wave pools all over the world. But I just don't see surfing, ballroom dancing and curling in the same stratosphere. I guess they are. But not in my version.

The next thing you know, we will have a "Surfing with the Stars" reality show to deal with. It will come on right after "American Surf Idol" and just before my new favorite, "Surf City C.S.I."

Source: Corky's Blog

Author: Corky Carroll /

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