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Corky Carroll on creatives like Curren

 Tom Curren ©

Corky Carroll

Corky: An artist on the water, in the studio

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 15 October, 2012 : - - Through all these years surfing I have developed certain favorite surfers that I have grown to respect and admire – for their surfing ability or just because I liked them or what they had to offer in the way of a contribution to the lifestyle. Some for all those reasons. When I was younger I had my surf idols, such as Mickey Munoz, Mike Doyle and Phil Edwards. When I was at the top of my career there were contemporaries I held in high regard such as Gerry Lopez, Billy Hamilton and Jock Sutherland. Then, when that period was over, there were always young guys who came along that I thought had something special going on. Shaun Tomson, Mark Richards and Peter Townend are good examples.

Then a very young Tommy Curren showed up on the scene. Right off the bat I knew this kid was going to take the whole thing to another level when he came into his own. His parents were friends of mine and his mom used to bring him to all the surf meets. I surfed with him one day when he was about 12 or 13 and he blew me away on these little waves that I could hardly even catch.

As we all know, he went on and became one of the greatest surfers ever. All the while being one of the nicest and coolest dudes you would want to meet. Kelly Slater would do the same thing a generation later.

Tom also got into music when he was young and took it seriously as his surfing career slowed down. He spent many years "getting his act together," so to speak. In doing so he has become an extremely talented musician. And finally, his efforts are beginning to pay off. After years of paying his dues, as they say, playing in clubs and working with the likes of Donavon Frankenritter and Jackson Browne, Tom is about to release his long-awaited EP titled Summerland Road. Release date is Tuesday. A full album will follow in 2013.

Summerland Road was recorded at The Village Studios in Los Angeles and was produced by the well-known John Alagia, whose credits include Dave Mathews and John Mayer. He brought in legendary drummer Jim Keltner to record with Tom. Keltner, if you don't know, was the acclaimed drummer with John Lennon and Eric Clapton.

It's really good to see Tom becoming successful with his music. Traversing from one thing, such as surfing, to another, like music, is a very difficult and tricky thing. If you are good at one thing people tend to not take you seriously at another. Athletes switching to music have never really been seen as a real deal. It's like Shaq rapping. Yeah, but not really. In Tom's case it really is the real deal. His music is excellent and shows the time, effort and yes, soul, that he has put into it.

As some of you know I have done music myself for many years, but I took the exact opposite road. I learned a few chords, wrote a couple of stupid songs, put together a band and jumped on stage like I knew what I was doing. Looking back I wish I had waited until I really did know what I was doing.

That took years longer than I expected and I was looking for instant gratification. Tom was wise to take his time and when you hear his songs you will see just how talented and what a "real deal" he is. I see a lot of success in the very near future for Tom Curren the musician. This makes me happy, as I have so much respect for Tom Curren the surfer as well as Tom Curren the person.

It is surprising when you consider that Tom is one of the most successful competitors in surfing history, and a former World Champion, that most of his friends and contemporizes consider him more of an "artist" than a competitor. There is an enormous love and respect for this dude in the surfing world. Soon the rest of the world will have the chance to get to know this amazing dude through his music.

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