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Corky Carroll digs in deep with more surf terminology...

PEAK: A wave that forms the shape of a peak 

Corky's Corner

In case you didn't know what 'Pearl' meant, Corky explains

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 19 March, 2010 : - - Yep, it's another exciting adventure into surf lingo. But fret not loyal readers, I am soon coming to the end of the alphabet and this longer-than-I-ever-thought-it-was-gonna-be series will be over. 

Then we can get back to the normal rantings that you have come to expect and read, if for no other reason than to see what stupid stuff I came up with for yet another week. Today we pick up at the end of the letter 'O.'

OUTSIDE: Tthis is the area past the waves where everybody sits and waits for sets to come in. There is a whole different social structure out there. Also, if you are at the right beach, there is a great view from outside.

OVERHEAD: A term used as a measure of wave height. It would be over your head. Double overhead and triple overhead, etc.

PARTY WAVE: A wave that can accommodate a group of surfers on it at the same time. This always sounds fun when everybody is starting to take off but often times ends in some sort of disaster when the kook in the middle digs a rail and causes everybody else to eat it and boards smash into each other.

PEAK: A wave that forms the shape of a peak. Surfers love peaks as they have good shape in both directions.

PEARL: This is surf slang for what happens when the nose of the surfboard buries itself underwater. Back in the early days, when the boards where wood, the original term for this was 'pearl diving.' When somebody did this you would say. "Hahahah, did you see Freddy the kook go pearl diving on that one?"

PINTAIL: A surfboard design where the tail goes back to a point. Normally used on big wave boards.

PIPELINE: One of the greatest surfing spots in the world. It is located on the North Shore of the island of Oahu. Very hollow waves are also called 'pipes.'

PRUNED: A condition that happens to parts of your body, such as your fingers, when you have been in the water too long.

PUMPING: A term used to tell that the swell is really solid and consistent. "It was totally pumpin' out of the south, makin' southern hemi."

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