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Corky Carroll goes to town on surf terminology A to C


Corky's Corner

Did you know a Brodad is a dude who overuses the terms "bro" or "Brah."

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 21 January, 2010 : - - Some years ago, I did a standup comedy routine for the Surfer Magazine television show. On one of the shows, I did a thing on surf terminology that became popular, even leading to one of my words becoming used on a TV sitcom a year or so later. I have done terminology here before, but I still get requests for it.

So, today I have gathered some terms that you might hear if you were hanging at the fire ring and begin a little presentation to you on "da verbiage, brah." Here is part 1: A-C.

AGGRO: Extremely aggressive. A way of surfing life at the Huntington Beach Pier.

AMPED: Very excited. Like, "she said yes!"

BARNYARD: A place for Barneys. Also another way to identify a geek, kuk, dweeb, zappofreak or surfnerd. Any form of humanity that is lesser in the food chain than you are.

BITCHIN': Something fantastic. Like, "that chick is soooooo bitchin' lookin"

BLOW CHUNCKS: Same as Technicolor yawn. To barf, ralph, hurl or toss your cookies.

BRODAD: A dude who overuses the terms "bro" or "Brah."

BURNT REYNOLDS: Having got over sunburned. Like, "wow dude, you are totally Burnt Reynolds."

CHARGER: Or, to charge. To totally go for it with wild abandon. Like, "wow man, you charged that extreme barrel."

CHINESE WAX JOB: Getting wax on the bottom of your board. This happens when you stack 'em on the car without putting a towel in between.

CLUCKER: A chicken or somebody who is afraid. Like, "Freddy really clucked on that big set wave. What a marf."

COFFEE BRICK: That feeling you get in your stomach when you have had too much coffee before paddling out.

COOLIO: Someone or something that is cooler than just mere cool. "Like cowabunga dude, that chick is totally cooleo."

CORE: Short for hardcore. Somebody who will go out in any condition on any equipment anytime. This is actually shortened from the original CORE-KY.

COWABUNGA: Sort of the same thing as "wow!" Although this can be used in a number of ways depending on the situation. Like "cowabunga, dude, gnarly boogie hangin' from your nose."

CREWBIES: People that tend to hang out in a group all the time. Like "Mikie won't go anywhere with his crewbies." In this situation, Mikie would be known as the CREWMASTER.

CRUMBEATER: This is the dude at the bottom of the food chain. He is always the one who has to stand in the smoke when at the fire ring. Like, "leave all the bogus leftovers for the crumbeater."

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