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Corky Carroll says 'But wait, there's more cool gift ideas'


Corky's Corner

But wait, there's more cool holiday gift ideas

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 15 December, 2009 : - - Last week I did my yearly "great gift ideas for surfers" column and thought I had it pretty well covered. But then how can you ever have that subject even close to being well covered? There is always a ton of more cool stuff out there waiting to make its way into the feverish fingers of some special surfer or surfette who is just squirming to be surprised and overjoyed at getting it.

I can hear all the, "Wow, THIS is just what I always wanted" statements bellowing forth even as we speak. With that thought in mind I figured that I really ought to continue with a few more great gift ideas for this holiday season just in case I didn't hit on just what you were thinking last week. After all, surfers are not the easiest people in the world to get gifts for.

A really cool gift idea that I just came across is a new book of paintings by a dude named Kevin Short. Kevin has put together a beautiful collection of artwork that he has done revolving around the surf spot "trestles," just south of San Clemente. It is really a super cool and special kind of present in the event that the surfer you are looking to please might appreciate art. You can get the book by going to the Web site

There are a number of other really cool surf photo books available, too. John Severson's "Surf Fever" is very nice. Plus there are collections by Art Brewer and Jeff Divine as well as a host of biographies about many top surfers and surf legends. Books always make nice gifts.

I would not be me if I failed to once again take advantage of this spot to shamelessly plug my own surf adventure package. My wife, the extremely kool Kika, and I offer a one-week, all-inclusive surf adventure to come and stay with us at our casa on Mainland Mexico, just north of Zihautanejo. When I am not lurking around the mean streets of Huntington Beach I can usually be found in Mex surfing warm water and great waves, especially in the winter when it's freezing up here. For info, email me at

Then there is a world of health aids that most surfers absolutely need. Most of these are small items and work amazingly well as stocking stuffers. Sunblock is a must for anybody who surfs or just goes out in the sun a lot. Good strong ones are best -- SPF 47,000.

I cannot stress enough the importance of NOT getting sunburned. My own current war with skin cancer is a living example of not taking care of my skin when I was a kid and now paying the price. Toss a tube into that stocking and you will be giving a gift that could actually save a life in the long run.

Along those same lines are ear plugs. We live in a cold climate when it comes to surfing and our ears are very vulnerable to not only infections but "surfers ear." This is boney growth in the ear canals that eventually can mean surgery to remove it. You might even toss in a check up from a good ear doc. This is much better than getting a fruit cake, trust me.

Hats and sunglasses are great gift items too and serve as both fashion statements as well as health aids.

Then there is a whole world of cool surf knick-knaks and household furnishings. I have a couple of pals that can help you out with this kind of stuff. Tony at Island Furniture has a whole store full of cool stuff. He is located on Beach Boulevard, almost dead center between the 405 and 22 freeways. Plus Bamboo Ben. Ben is an artist when it comes to bamboo stuff and has a little store on Yorktown just to the west of Beach Boulevard in Huntington Beach. Both of these guys are surfers and cool dudes who will have many many amazing gifts just waiting for you to grab 'em up.

Lastly I wanted to mention original art by our pal Ken Auster. Ken has a gallery in Laguna Canyon that offers fantastic original surf art as well as many prints of some of his most famous paintings. Great stuff.

Well, that outta get you going.

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