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Corky Carroll serves up another dish of surf terminology


Corky's Corner

Was it so nectar you got noodled?

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 11 March, 2010 : - - Yes loyal fans, this week we have yet another installment into the wonderful world of surf terminology. I want to point out that I only started this series as a public service for those who don't surf and need to communicate, at least a little bit, with those friends and family who do surf.

I had no idea that it was gonna get so long or that there were so many surf terms until I started listing them. Last week we left off in the Ls. I will do my best to get through this before the turn of the century.

LONGBOARD: This is technically considered any surfboard that is nine feet or over in length, but it is subjective really. For example, a small girl riding an 8' board would be considered long boarding. Basically, it is a long surfboard.

LULL: A long period between waves when the water is flat. Also used to describe the period between romantic relationships.

MACKING: When the surf is extremely intense. "Wow, George, it was 'mackin' out there today." You can also use this with eating. Such as, "Whoa, look at Mickey Ratt totally mackin' out on that stack of hotcakes."

MINIGUN: A speed shape surfboard that was designed for medium to large surf back in the 1960s. A full gun is a board for really big surf. The first ones were called "elephant guns." Later this term was shortened to just "gun" or "big wave gun."

MUSHBURGER: This describes a wave that is full of water and is mushy. This is one of my own words that caught on. It came about one day after a couple of friends and I had lunch at Mac's Coffee Break in Dana Point. We had eaten Mac's Hamburgers. Then we went to San Onofre to check the surf and it was very mushy. Still feeling the effects of being full from the burgers, I commented that it was "burgering" out there. My friend said, "What are you talking about?" And I said the waves were like big "mushburgers." It caught on.

NECTAR: This is used as an adjective for something great. You can say that the surf was nectar or your new surfboard is totally nectar, etc. But it seems to work best when talking about women because the connotation is that "nectar" is sweet.

NOODLED: When you are so tired from surfing that your arms feel like that have turned into noodles it is called being "noodled." Or you can say, "My arms are beginning to noodleize."

NORTH SHORE: In surfing, this always means the North Shore of the island of Oahu in Hawaii.

NOSE RIDE: The act of riding on the front of a surfboard. This is a long board move, although I have seen a few people do it on short boards. If you put five toes over the nose, it is called "hanging five." Ten toes over is "hanging ten."

OFFSHORE: This is the name for the wind that blows off the land and towards the ocean. It holds the waves up and makes them hollow and better shaped, usually. ONSHORE is the opposite and makes the waves choppy and BLOWN OUT.

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