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Corona Pro Circuit Championship, Isabella, Puerto Rico


Corona Extra Pro Circuit Champion

APSPR Event #1 2010/11 Season
Isabela Puerto Rico
24 - 26 September 2010

Corona Pro Circuit Championship, Isabella, Puerto Rico

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 18 September, 2010 : - - Middles Beach in Isabela. The prestigious tournament will take place during one of the busiest tropical storm seasons in recent years. At this writing there are three hurricanes active in the Atlantic, making 2010 one of the busiest tropical seasons since the infamous year of 2005.

“No one wants to see a hurricane endanger our island”, said Corona Contest Director Werner Vega, “But if they stay far enough away to only give us big swells, then we could see exciting conditions at Middles”.

Certainly all the athletes expected to compete at the APSPR (Asociacion de Professional Surfing de Puerto Rico) tournament are some of the most experienced and daring big wave riders in the world. If the swells are big, one of the favorites will be defending APSPR Circuit Champion Carlos Cabrero, 35, of San Juan. Cabrero won his second straight title in February when he placed second at the event at Domes Beach, in Rincon. Cabrero has years of experience competing in the giant surf of Hawaii and was featured on the cover of Eastern Surf Magazine in 2009 on what is reputably the biggest Puerto Rican wave ever ridden, at the famous break of Tres Palmas.

The winner of the Domes event, Brian Toth, 23, of Isabela, is also expected to compete at Middles, in a return to the island from his yearlong campaign on the ASP international tour. Toth is also a previous winner at Middles in 2006, when he won an exciting Final over Alejandro Moreda in big surf. Already entered in the Middles event is Toth’s fellow touring companion Dylan Graves, 24 of Isabela, who has also won before at Middles. Graves took a Final victory in 2008 over Cabrero.

Veteran P.R. surfers who will be hoping for larger conditions include Joe Suarez, Pablo Dias and former APSPR Champion Juan Ashton. Ashton, 41, of San Juan continues to be a dominant force in international competition. Just last month he earned his third consecutive ISA (International Surfing Association) Masters Championship in Panama. Ashton has won the championship at each of the three International Masters Championships that have been held since 2007. That tournament is the premier worldwide event for surfers over the age of 35.

While the seasoned veterans like Ashton and Cabrero will hope for big waves, the young touring pros like Toth and Graves have also earned competition experience in the giant surf of the Hawaiian North Shore. And an even younger crew of hungry local surfers including Hector Santamaria, Eric Victor Torres and Leif Kalaki Engstrom will be at Middles, to prove themselves worthy to follow in their elder’s footsteps.

There will also be  $5,000 event for the Women surfers, who will be led by 2009 Corona Extra Circuit Champion, Quincy Davis. The Men’s purse will be $10,000 and there will also be an additional award of $500, presented by Coppertone for the exciting “Best Performance” Award. The “Best performancer” was won at Domes in February by young Leif Kalaki Engstrom, for a high-flying aerial re-entry. At Middles next week, if the surf is big as expected, the “Best Maneuver” could more likely be a deep tube ride in the hollow conditions for which the famous island reef is renowned.

For surfing fans who cannot attend the competition in person, they can follow the action online with the popular “Heats on Demand” feature. Viewers will have access to every scoring ride of the event. On our website you can scan the draw, and select which heat you would like to view and much more.

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Media Information:Visit the media center on for images, surfer quotes, archived press releases and athlete profiles.  Downloadable audio clips and TV news feeds are also available. In addition to Corona Extra and Corona Light, the other sponsors of the 2010 Middles event are: Coppertone Skincare, Jose Cuervo, Alfa Rock, WAPA, Right Guard, Surfers, Hang Loose Surf Shop, Werner Vega Surfboards.

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