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Cory Lopez joins Garrett McNamara as team ambassador for WaveJet

Cory Lopez © Rockstar Energy Drink/Russo


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WaveJet Announces Addition of Professional Surfer Cory Lopez as a Global Brand Ambassador

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 1 November, 2011 : - - WaveJet, makers of Personal Water Propulsion (PWP) technology for personal watercraft, including surfboards, SUPs, kayaks, rescue boards, kiteboards, scuba gear, and light boats is proud to announce that Cory Lopez has been named as a Global Brand Ambassador and Team Rider for Team WaveJet.

Cory Lopez is a prodigious goofy-footer known for his fearless tube riding at venues like Teahupoo and Pipeline, as well as his innovative, high-flying aerials above the wave.  Cory’s major wins include:  three-time X Games Gold Medalist; U.S. Open of Surfing Champion; Billabong Pro Tahiti Champion; Globe SI Pro Champion; Gold & Silver Medalist at the Olympic (IOC) recognized ISA World Championships and numerous top finishes around the world.
Cory, a two time Surfer Mag ‘Guts for Glory’ winner for his exploits at Teahupoo, has been ranked as high as #1 on the ASP World Tour, with a final season best of #3. An entrepreneur, Lopez is owner of Nekton Surf Shop in his home town of Indian Rocks Beach, Florida. When not chasing contest points or extreme barrels, he can be found at his Florida home with wife Jenn and two children, Alana and Luke.

“We are stoked to have Cory Lopez join us as a Brand Ambassador.  Cory is a true champion, one of the finest tube riders in the world and is always chasing extreme waves,” says Mike Railey, WaveJet .  “We are really looking forward to having Cory ride a WaveJet and share the WaveJet experience with surfers all over the world.”
“I’m really excited to be riding for WaveJet,” says Lopez.  “WaveJet’s support of surfing and lifesaving with the Vans Triple Crown, Waterman Eco-Challenge and the US Open really shows their commitment to advancing the sport.  I look forward to working with them and my other sponsors, to help take surfing to the next level.”
Cory Lopez will be joining big wave world champion Garrett McNamara as a WaveJet Brand Ambassador.  In addition to WaveJet, Cory’s marquee sponsors include:  O’Neill, Rockstar Energy Drink, Anarchy Eyewear, Freestyle Watches, Placebo (Mayhem) Surfboards, and Nekton Surf Shop.

WaveJet is the first patented Personal Water Propulsion (PWP) system designed for use in a range of personal watercraft, including surfboards, SUPs, kayaks, rescue boards, body boards, scuba gear, and light boats.  Powered by an integrated twin-lithium ion battery pack with twin drives, WaveJet is capable of 20 pounds of thrust, has a continuous run-time of over 30 minutes, activated through a wireless wrist controller and recharges in a standard wall socket.  At 3 to 5 times faster than paddling a surfboard, WaveJet is safe, quiet and light, and can even be used in shallow water where paddles and oars are ineffective and outboards can’t be used at all.
The newly minted WaveJet team, lead by Cory and Garrett will formally introduce WaveJet during the 2011 Vans Triple Crown of Surfing.
The WaveJet propulsion system (PWP) is an innovative, "alternative" wave riding "system" and is not intended to replace traditional "paddle" surfboards in the line-up. The WaveJet "technology" can be used in a variety of surfing and watercraft applications and ocean conditions. WaveJet can be used as an "accessory", to extend "surfing time" and enhance (compliment) the traditional paddle or SUP surfing experience.

WaveJet utilizes a clean ("Green") energy technology (rechargeable lithium ion battery power source). No petroleum based (Fossil Fuels) are used and therefore there are NO carbon emissions; leaving a minimal to "zero" carbon footprint on the marine environment.

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