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Cory Lopez talks Surfer's Journal cover shot session

Cory Lopez in the Caribbean © The Surfer's Journal



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Lopez nabs TSJ cover at hidden Caribbean reef, pays the price later

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 19 March, 2015 - Caribbean Islands - At a rare slabbing right hand reef deep in the Caribbean, Golf Coaster Cory Lopez nabbed one of the best waves of the season, a sub-sea-level drainer that landed on the cover of The Surfer's Journal.

Just a few waves after the cover shot, the goofyfoot paid the price, taking off too deep on a big one and ending up with a piece of coral sticking out of his broken ear drum.

Here's the whole story, in Cory's words:

"The waves were about as good as you can get at a spot that almost never breaks. Alek Parker and I were the only guys out. We had traded waves for about a hour when this extra thick one came in that I thought looked like a good idea.

The drop was really late so I was just focused on that, once I made the drop I knew I was deep. I did a massive pump, but realized right away that there was no chance of making the wave. I tried to time my jump as late as I could in hopes of slipping out the back.

But it did not work and I got sucked over and instantly slammed my head into the reef. The blow was hard, dizzying and especially confusing by the fact that a piece of coral had gone straight into my ear and punctured my ear drum. Alec assisted me in getting to the beach since I could not see straight.

The worst part about the whole thing was not the pain of the wipeout or the pain from the infection in my head that had me feeling like a zombie for six weeks. The worst thing of all, the thing that still hurts to this day, is the fact that I had to go in and leave perfect waves behind."

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