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Costa Rican Maykol Torres hits his stride in Santa Teresa

Maykol Torres © Alfredo Barquero



Circuito Nacional Olympus
Presented by Adrenaline Rush

Costa Rican Surfing Federation
Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
26 - 27 April, 2014

Maykol Torres wins in Santa Teresa | Español

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 28 April, 2014 - Maykol Torres of Esterillos Oeste, Costa Rica, won the Circuito Nacional Olympus presented by Adrenaline Rush today after winning the COPA Unit de Santa Teresa.

His win at the Circuito Nacional Olympus now puts him back in the race for the Costa Rican National Title which will be held in July.

In the final he defeated two locals, Ramon Taliani and Michael David Zaugg, in addition to Buenos Aires' Enoch Santana. Torres was the crowd favorite, getting the waves and the highest combination of 17.00 points ( 9.00 + 8.00 ) after an impressive display of power surfing.


1. Maykol Torres

2. Ramón Taliani

3. Enoc Santana

4. Michael Zaugg

Open Femenino

1. Lisbeth Vindas

2. Leilani McGonagle

3. Emily Gussoni

4. Taylor Alsaguer


1. Manuel Mesén

2. León Glatzer

3. Martín Artavia

4. Juan Carlos Hernández

Junior Girls

1. Emily Gussoni

2. Leilani McGonagle

3. Paula Duarte

4. Arsiha Griotti


1. Sean Forester

2. Dennis Picado

3. Lorenzo Córdoba

4. Leiner Mendoza


1. Dean Vandewalle

2. Samuel Reidy

3. Jacob Kelly

4. Darshan Antequera

Minigrommet Femenino

1. Valentina Resano

2. Paulina Summer

3. Killi Mo’e

4. Surya Folger


1. Anthony Flores

2. Alex Gómez

3. Carlos Rojas

4. Adolfo Gómez

5. Brent Newell

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