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Costa Rica's Circuito Guanacasteco lights up Playa Avellanas

Isaac Vega © Fabian Sánchez



Circuito Guanacasteco Creatures Playa Avellanas
Presented by Reserva Conchal

Circuito Guanacasteco Creatures Series
Playa Avellanas, Costa Rica
8 - 9 March, 2014

Isaac Vega snags the win at Avellanas | Español

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 10 March, 2014 - For the second time in the Circuito Guanacasteco Creatures presentaded by Reserva Conchal, Isaac Vega won the men's open event.

The waves at Playa Avellanas provided the perfect platform for Isaac Vega, the Italian-Tico Angelo Bonomelli, the Jaco local Jair Pérez, and the talented Sean Forester of Samara. Vega , with a score of 15.90 out of a possible 20, had a memorable win. 

"I'm super happy to win again in a wave that I know very well. The rivalries are real and it's not easy to win with surfers like Jair, Angelo, and now Sean, who has been surfing really well," said Vega.


1 Isaac Vega
2 Angelo Bonomelli
3 Jair Perez Quiros
4 Sean Foerster

Open Women
1 Jill Kepich
2 Serena Nava
3 Zulay Martinez
4 Chelsea Lisaius

1 Sean Foerster
2 Aldo Chirinos
3 Dean Vandewalle
4 Malakai Martinez

Junior Girls
1 Selena Moberly
2 Zulay Martines
3 Lilly von Trruenfels
4 Serena Nava

1 Aldo Chirinos
2 Malakai Martinez
3 Sean Foerster
4 Tiago Carrique

1 Coral Wiggins
2 Lilly von Trruenfels
3 Rony Koren
4 Molly Kirk

1 Malakai Martinez
2 Dean Vandewalle
3 Jacob Kelly
4 Orion Eshel

1 Luke Guinaldo
2 Surya Folger
3 Kamille Mckillikan
4 Kalani Abrahao

1 Forest Folger
2 Christian Boos
3 Jeff Aleen
4 Alex Gómez
5 Adolfo Gomez
6 Freddy Wiggins

1 Alex Gómez
2 Adolfo Gómez
3 Eddie Enrique
4 Ismael Coto

Carlos Brenes

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