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Creator Profile: Ed Sloane’s work a cool mix of action and art



Creator Profile

Victorian photographer utilizes science background to get the shot

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 12 July, 2015 - Ed is a freelance photographer with a focus on the surf and ocean-based aesthetic. His work is best described as a mix of action and art and has featured in advertising and editorial throughout Australia and internationally. His artistic yet systematic approach to the photographic process stems from a prior career in environmental science. Former pursuits in this field have had great influence over his perspective, knowledge and ultimately creative vision as he blends a critical approach with aesthetically driven work. 


Where are you from and what you shoot with?
I’m from Victoria, Australia, not too far away from Bells Beach. I shoot with a range of cameras, polaroids and old film equipment as well as mostly Canon and Fuji DSLR’s, for my water work I use Aquatech housings. 

How did surf photography start for you?
Through my prior career in environmental science where I had a lot of time outside to learn about photography, that interest combined pretty naturally with my surfing habit and I went from there. 


Share with us something that most people don’t know about surf photography.
It’s the wrong life choice, be a writer instead haha. There’s way less to carry around on trips and when the day’s done you can relax; photographers have a lot more to do :)

Tell us about that one time you almost died, on a surf trip or in the water. 
I wouldn’t say I’ve almost died, but the most serious situations have been at Pipeline and another slab near home. Both instances motivated me to train a bit, but that’s yet to actually happen haha. 


Name one photographic image you saw that changed the way you approach photography.
Whoa, good question. I’d probably say the image of the bison skull by Sam Abell, the approach and depth to his work has been an influence for sure. 

You can check Ed's Facebook page here and his website here. Instagram and Twitter are both @edsloanephoto 


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