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Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary hold surf champs

Men's Finalists © Quiksilver


Czech and Slovak Surfing Championships

Les Estagnots, Seignosse France
26 - 27 June 2012

Hungarian Eszter Horvath claims women's final while Jan Klvaňa nabbed the men's

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 5 July, 2012 : - -  The finals of the fifth Czech and Slovak Surfing Championships took place at Les Estagnots beach in the French town of Seignosse. The elimination rounds of the Quik¬silver & Roxy Czech & Slovak Surfing Championships were held during the week, and on wednesday the best surfers from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary met in order to de-cide on the winner. The finalists had 30 minutes to show the jurors their best skills and abilities. The competitors’ final score was the sum of their two best rides.
Under a beautiful sunny sky and in front of a large crowd of fans, first place in the women’s category clearly went to Hungarian Eszter Horvath (HUN).  Sec-ond place and Czech/Slovakia Title went to Šárka Matejíčná (CZE). Šarka became Czech and Slovak Champion for 2012. Third place went to Ada Coneva (CZE). The best female Slovak surfer was Michaela Kančevová (SVK), who made it all the way to the Finals and became 6th.

The men’s finals were filled with suspense, with the competitors running dead even until the very end. The surfers’ rankings were constantly changing, and the winner was decided in the final minutes. The prize went to Jan Klvaňa (CZE), who beat out second-place Martin Černík (CZE) a mere 0.5 points. Third place went to Peiman Lotfi (HUN). The best Slovak surfer was Albert Diosi. Albert made it all the way to the semifinals. Jan Klvaňa shone with happiness after the final: "I live in Bali, so I had to gradually get used to the cold water, but waves and the weather was ideal. Everyone improved a lot in past a year and it was dif-ficult to pass in the spider all the way to the finals. "

Several additional disciplines took place concurrently with the main program. Ex-tremely popular among surfers was the Gambrinus Excelent 11° Tag Team Contest of six-member teams. The best teamwork was shown by the team with the name “Plonka” which collected the most points.



Šárka Matějíčná



Another discipline was the competition for the fastest “paddler” – the Paddle Battle. The previously staked-out route was paddled fasted by Marek Plecitý (CZE) followed by Vlado Bachnár (SVK) and Anna Černou (CZE), last year winner of ladies category.

A third discipline was the Expression Session. The 30 surfers who participated in this hour-long competition aimed for Best Barrel (Albertovi Diosimu (SVK)), Best Trick (Pavel Janoušek (CZE)–switch riding), and Best Surfer (Robert Chadim (CZE)).

Prize for best wave of the whole contest „Snickers Nutcase Best Wave“ took home Jan Smička (CZE) for his second wave in semifinal.
The fifth Quiksilver & Roxy Czech & Slovak Surfing Championships showed the enormous progress that our surfers have made. Every year, surfing is becoming more and more popular in our countries, with more and more people participat-ing in this sport. The level of skill at the Czech and Slovak Championship is proof that surfing has found its place here.



Contest Day



Roxy Czech & Slovak Surfing Championships 2012
1st -  Eszter Horvath (HUN) 9 points
2nd – Šárka Matějíčná (CZE) 8,5 points
3th -  Ada Tzoneva (CZE) 7 points
4th – Tereza Olivová (CZE) 5,5 points

Quiksilver Czech & Slovak surfing Championships 2012
1st place - Jan Klvaňa (CZE) 7,5 points
2nd place - Martin Černík (CZE) 7 points
3rd place - Jan Klvaňa (CZE) 6,5 points
4th place - Petr Novotný (CZE) 6 points

Gambrinus Excelent 11° Tag Team Contest
1st place - Plonka
2nd place - Hungasurf
3rd place – Golden Sands

Expression Session
Best Barrel - Albert Diosi (CZE)
Best Trick - Pavel Janoušek (CZE)
Best Surfer- Robert Chadim (CZE) Paddle Battle
1st place -Marek Plecitý (CZE)
2nd place - Vlado Bachnár (SVK)
3rd place - Anna Černá (CZE)

Snickers Nutcase Best Wave
JJan Smička (CZE)

Source: Quiksilver

Author: Kevin Olsen

Tags: Czech, Slovak, France, Championships

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