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Dan Devine Diaries: Pipeline Masters & Haleiwa tips


A favorite subject : photo Dan Devine

Dan Devine Diaries

Pipeline Masters at their best, good food & internet connections in Haleiwa

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 12 December, 2005 : - - Honolulu HI. Well I'm starting to heal now. I had a small missunderstanding with the reef while bodysurfing early last week at Rockpiles. I scraped part of my face off and most of my other  body parts on the reef but the show must go on.

Pipeline has been epic. Day one at the trials was the best so far. But don't be surprised if we get even a better day of surf for the finals. After all it's Pipeline. 

Saturday 12-10-2005 North Shore. Ripcurl Pipeline Masters. It's a lot smaller today ( compaired with the trials on Friday) but it's clean and there seeams to be a lot of set waves. Wipeout of the day Mick Fanning. But overall the surfing's on fire once again. And I'd bet it's the biggest crowd on record for any surf compitition held on the North Shore in the past 30 years. Girls Girls Girls.


Life on the North Shore : photo Dan Devine


Sunday 12-11-2005 5:30am Dillingham Blvd. Even though I know they won't be holding the contest today because the surf is way to small I head out to the North Shore anyway. What the heck, what could be a better way to spend a Winter Sunday away from the city then in Haleiwa & at the Pipeline on the beach on a sort of day off.

 Also the folks from Canon cameras are here for the 7th year in a row to stoke up all the surf photogs with cameras to test drive and maybe buy.So I head up to the Turtle Bay Hilton to meet with Amy k.and for today I'm gonna try out three items.A 20D camera body and a 400mm 2.8 lens plus an ultra fast 17mm to 40mm zoom.

So then I head down to the beach at Pipeline and it's even  smaller then the day before but it's pretty good. Maybe 90% better then the best day at 90% of most beaches around the World. So I spend about an hour filming and get some pretty good ones but its lunch time Haleiwa Time, Kono'a North Shore Time so I head back down the coast to the small Historic Town Known as Haleiwa.


Before today's McDonalds there was the old Haleiwa Theatre : file photo Dan Devine

Whats for lunch? Almost anything you want this time it's teri chicken and as always it's great. And at Kono's you can check and send your e-mails or your late breaking news story's to surfersvillage or whichever magazine you work for. And it's cheap. It's getting late for me so I can't remember but I think it's $1 for the first 5 minute then even cheaper after that. But I do know if you have yor laptop and it's wireless it's free for highspeed wifi ........ .anyway more later.....Big Aloha's from Hawaii.
Dan Devine

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