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Dan Malloy taking time out shares his news´n´views

Photo / Hurley Int´l .......... Dannyboy

Dan Malloy is the youngest, yet tallest, of the famed Malloy brother triumvirate (others being Chris and Keith). At 24 years old he has made the ASP World Surfing tour. Constant travel to exotic locales and destinations do not seem to be making him depressed, but it is making me jealous. Dan thinks that doing drugs are stupid.

He doesn’t play golf, bowl, roller blade or bodyboard. He is sponsored by Hurley International clothing, Smith sunglasses, OAM deck grip and leashes, Channel Islands surfboards, Nixon watches and Reef shoes. He wishes he were sponsored by a guitar company like Guild or Taylor.

He doesn’t watch TV, but occasionally watches videos (probably just to see if he’s in it). He has a house in California and Hawaii and since he travels so much he is rarely at either.

I grabbed Dan in between surf sessions and made him explain his life to us.

Pk) Why two homes there buddy?

DM) I spend two or three months in Hawaii (North Shore of Oahu) and the same amount of time in California (Ventura), and both have become like homebase for me. Instead of taking everything with me when I travel, and instead of looking for a place to stay everytime, I can just show up with my backpack. I have boards already waiting for me there.

Pk) How many trips did you go on this year for events?

DM) About 14 or 15 events, and basically I’ve been traveling for three months.

Pk) Tell us some of the places you went this year.

DM) Let’s see, I spent a month in Brazil, I was in South Africa, Indonesia, Australia, Japan, TahitiEbviously Hawaii and California. I think that’s it this year.

Pk) WowEot bad huh?

DM) Not bad at all.

Pk) What destination is your fave?

DM) Probably Australia. But I’m so fortunate because everywhere I go is usually an amazing place and the people I travel with are my friends. Plus we always get treated so well.

Pk) What was the neatest thing you saw this year in surfing?

DM) Easily my best day would have been watching my friend Rob Machado win the most prestigious surf contest in the world, the Pipe Masters.

Pk) Tell us about it.

DM) I woke up at dawn to clean the house and looked outside at the surf and saw that the conditions in the ocean were as good as it gets. So I grabbed my board and ran down the beach to pipe and surfed it for an hour before the contest started. I got some epic barrels. Then, when I came in, I sat and watched the final day of the event all day from the beach. It was rad because Shane (Dorian), Kelly (Slater) the Irons brothers (Bruce and Andy) were all surfing at their top level and of course Rob coming through each round and winningElus pipe was all-timeEhere were tons of crazy wipeoutsEe carried Rob up the beach on our shouldersEt was by far the most amazing day of surfing I’ve ever witnessed.

Pk) You play acoustic guitar and sing a lotEho are some of your favorite artists?

DM) Number one for sure would be Jack Johnson. He’s simply amazing and inspirational. He’s a friend of mine who just made an album with Ben Harper’s producer. Of course I love Ben’s musicElso Jeff Buckley. I listen to The Beatles a lot.

Pk) Why do you think you never got into drugs?

DM) I suppose I never had an interest, plus I was scared of them.

Pk) It’s good to be afraid of drugs.

DM) Everybody knows people who have gone down from getting involved with ‘em. I’ve heard people say that drugs can be a great experience, but I think there are a million other things that can be great. I always knew if I didn’t start that I couldn’t get hooked.

Pk) You’re a pretty smart kid for being so tall (laughs)

DM) (Laughs) Thanks. Plus I can’t be getting drunk and waking up early to surf 20 foot waves ya know?

Pk) Are you on the internet much?

DM) I actually just got a G3 Mac PowerbookE’m new at it all, so I bought a book on itE know how to use e-mail, and I’ve been talking to kids on the chatboard at the Hurley websiteEo it’s fun.

Pk) All-rightyEthanks Danny! Keep havinEfun.

DM) I will..I will.

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