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DC's Burning Ink event showcases Braincover Art

Frederic Laborde, Mat & Vania Carera, Gary Eng Helmets © DC Shoes

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Burning Ink launches in Genevea with Braincover

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 4 September, 2013 : - - Last Monday evening was the  launch of the Burning Ink Event at the Square Gallery, rue du Diorama in Geneva and first edition of the Braincover Art Show.

Very good vibes, last Monday evening at the Square Gallery, for the launch of the Exhibition where lots of people could discover the Burning Ink's  artwork that will be presented until the 12th of September.

Next to the artwork, the unique helmets customized by 14 different artists made a strong impression on all guests and public. These helmets will be sold during the exhibition and proceeds will go to following charity : -

In memory of Indian Larry Motorcycle's Bob Seeger's Son, Aidan. Regarding Burning Ink's artworks, the concept is still the same : the only way to survive for an artwork, is to be inked on a buyer's skin before the end of the exhibition.

DLF The machine, the unique and well known motorbike created by Big Bore Cycle's Jipi and Pulp68's JMZ was also shining in the Gallery. The exhibition runs from the 2nd until 12th of September, at the Square Gallery, Rue du Diorama, Geneva.

Source: DC Europe

Author: Emmanuel Labadie

Tags: Burning Ink, DC Shoes, Europe, Geneva

Art: Surfersvillage


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