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Delpero takes out SUP & Longboard titles in Royan

Edouard Delpero @ FFSurf



La Coupe De France Royan

Federation Francaise de Surf
Royan, Charente Maritime, France
25 - 26 April 2015

Small but contestable surf was on tap the entire weekend

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 27 April, 2015 - Edouard Delpero made double blow by winning the longboard categories and Stand Up Paddle this weekend in Royan, on the occasion of the first stage of the Cup of France in these disciplines.

Edouard Delpero claimed both the longboard and Stand Up Paddle divisions of the latest la Coupe de France event in Royan.

Small surf at Bouverie kicked off the first event of the tour with Edouard in fine form. The native of Marseille pushed through all his heats by posting the highest scores consistently. Delpero wasn’t stopped even when the surf deteriorated on the final day.

Last month Edouard took 3rd place in the first leg of the WSL LQS at Kingscliff Australlia.

On the podium, the Hendaye local Emilien Fleury barely missed the final after a fired up performance in the semis. 

SUP Open

1. Edouard Delpero (Bascs) 13,87 pts
2. Alexis Deniel (Seven Is) 13,06 pts
3. Ben Carpentier (Minou) 11,07 pts
4. Martin Letourneur (ESUSM) 10,27 pts

Sup Ondines

1. Lydie Soulé (LEC) 10,53 pts
2. Caroline Angibaud (BSC) 10,14 pts
3. Lola Coulon (SGCXV) 4,57 pts
4. Sophie Degas (SGCXV) 3,14 pts

Longboard Open

1. Edouard Delpero (Bascs) 12,07 pts
2. Martin Coret (Radical) 10,50 pts
3. Emilien Fleury (HBSC) 9,20 pts
4. Robin Henry (Bernik) 6,66 pts

Longboard ondines

1. Anna Talouarn (Kangourou) 9,10 pts
2. Poeti Norac (SGCXV) 7,76 pts
3. Pauline Mortamet (Seven Is) 5,64 pts
4. Malorie Ghislain (SGCXV) 2,74 pts

Surf Tandem
1. Paul Duvignau et Poeti Norac
2. Loïc Caillet et Céline Rouget
3. Baptiste Pichon et Eliza Pajot
4. Mathis Coulon et Marie Pajot


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