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Design Blogs: Explore Chilli's Pina Colada Twin Fin




Design Blogs

Board features modern bottom contours, rails and tail shape  

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 21 January, 2017 - Twin fins are so hot right now. This review is on the Chilli Surfboards Chilli Pina Colada Twin Fin Surfboard. It's a hot little small wave fun surfboard for flatter faced, more average conditions.

It’s not an old school twinny – modern bottom contours, rails and tail shape allow the Chilli Pina Colada to be surfed more progressively but I found this board did have limits, especially in steeper, faster, more critical surf.


+ A fun board to throw around in flatter faced, more average conditions
+ Great for novice to experienced surfers who just wants to have a fun, fast ride in the small waves
+ Fast, loose twin fin feeling is alive with this one


– Not the board you’re going to pull out for performance-oriented waves
– Wide outline struggles getting into steeper faces
– Easy to bog the tail in hard bottom turns

Best Wave Type

Smaller, weaker swells and flatter faced waves. Great for summer. Not suited for performance oriented, bigger or steeper waves.


Chilli Surfboards Pina Colada has very little rocker
Wide outline that is broken up by a wing at the front fin
Moderate thickness throughout the board
Modern bottom contours with a single concave
Lower, slightly more sensitive rails



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