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Board suits conditions from waist high crumble to overhead barrels

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 18 August, 2016 - The latest offereing from JS Surfboards is a modern take on the classic performance fish. With tweaks to rocker, template and bottom contour this next generation fish pleased surfboard desgin blogger Benny from

As I pondered my love affair with this JS Psycho Nitro, I had an insight into Finding the Right Board for Your Surfing Style. Hope you find this surfboard review helpful and that you can discover the perfect type of board for your unique style of surfing

This JS Psycho Nitro has plenty of volume where I need it but not too much where it gets in the way. The result? A fun, fast board that suits everything from waist high mush to overhead barrels.

If you’re quick on your feet, this may not be the best choice for you but most surfers from novice to advanced will find a lot to love about this redux of the JS Nitro, the JS Psycho Nitro.

+ The JS Psycho Nitro is a super fast, forgiving, versatile board that makes having fun sessions a breeze
+ A modern performance fish outline but enough rocker to help it feel at home in bigger, better waves
+ Great option for a power surfer but would suit most surfers from novice to advanced

– One drawback of this board is I couldn’t really turn it too hard, too aggressively. The wider outline makes quick direction adjustments a challenge

Benny Rides
I rode the JS Psycho Nitro at  6’1″ x 21 1/2 x 2 x 3/4 at 39.4 L’s. I rode it with the Futures Fins HS1 Large Haydenshapes Templates as a quad. They’ve become my default for most boards and they felt great in this board.

Best Wave Type
The best conditions for the JS Psycho Nitro is 1 to 3 foot wave range, the waist to kind of shoulder high range, and it really handles its own in smaller surf. It’s got enough volume through it, but it definitely handles bigger waves.

The JS Psycho Nitro has a fuller nose with a slight vee, an added foam under the chest for more paddle power
Relatively flat rocker with a nice, gentle, continuous curve so it’s not super flat
Fuller rails which are less catchy in more average conditions. They’re not too bulky, however, and they’re not big fat groveler rails that are hard to bury
It comes with a swallow tail for lively rail-to-rail feel
5 Fin – works well as a quad or thruster set up




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