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Digital Splendor: 18seconds airs issue #17


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18seconds Magazine No. 17 Now Live

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 21 June, 2013 : - -  Victoria pumps, Teahupo’o bites back, behind the scenes with beach babe Ellie-Jean Coffey and her family, Nate Smith’s imagery, the man-child Quinn Bruce, the grom Dakoda Walters, some tunes and a whole lot more.

Proud to be Victorian: These pro surfers are: Cahill Bell-Warren and Todd Rosewall. And photographer Ed Sloane. From dealing with small surf towns developing at a frightening pace, to fickle waves and wild untamed coastlines with poor light often overlooked by magazines, these guys wouldn’t want it any other way.

Teahupo’o Bites Back: You ever seen a wave bite? Neither! it’s not like they have teeth or anything. This is merely a metaphor for the pounding many men received, chasing thunderous south Pacific Ocean swells recently.

                            Page from 'Teahupo'o Bites Back' in the latest issue of 18seconds

Single Lens Reflux: Bringing up the lives of legendary lensmen. Introducing Nate Smith. He’s mastered the art of producing powerful moments in the sea or on the place called land. Just look… and you will see!

Man Child: Quinn Bruce has gone completely mad!

Music Ink: We lay down eight tracks from eight Aussie crews, sure to wet your sonic whistle. Dive in, the water’s lovely.

Young Dudes: His name’s Dakoda Walters. He surfs. He lives in Angourie. Put those together… surfs Angourie! ‘nough said.

The Coffey Club: Behind the scenes of the insta-famous Coffey family. They’re living the dream most of the time, but not all the time!



Source: 18Seconds

Author: Andy Morris/18Seconds

Tags: 18Seconds, Snapper, Bells, Aussie, Connor Oleary

Magazines: Surfersvillage


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